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The CW: Fall shows to get excited for

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With October fast approaching, the CW list of tv premiers is growing. With the network’s current run of shows, the CBS/Warner Brother’s property is increasing in popularity. Netflix has even signed an exclusive deal to send shows to the streaming service far ahead of previous years. Starting on October 4th, here are the network’s returning shows fans can’t wait for.

October 4th:
The CW’s highest rated show The Flash returns. With its new season, the anticipation will be high for this fan favorite. Season 3 will kick off with a much different approach. Stop reading here and skip ahead to the next show, if you don’t want it to be spoiled. Per Grant Gustin’s Twitter feed, season 3 kicks off with the Flashpoint story arc. However, when it comes to the story itself, expect the tv show to go in a different direction. The studio has been known to keep certain characters under lock and key, so expect the show to use what they can. The writers will have to get ultra creative going into the season to work with what they have. Fortunately for fans, they’ve gone a different direction before and enjoyed success so only time will tell. The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 pm.

October 5th:
Arrow kicks off it’s run with season 5. Another fan favorite of the CW, Arrow went a different route last season. How much of will things change after the outcome of last season. The finale saw what could be the end of Team Arrow itself with much of the group walking away. Who goes and who gets drawn back in? Also, how much will the show be affected by the events of other shows, such as the one being brought to its new network, Supergirl? There are rumors of the show going back to its more realistic roots after a more supernatural season. Can it continue to build on its success? Find out Wednesdays at 8 pm.

October 10th:
Supergirl, which had a limited run on CBS, comes to the home of superheroes. Moving the show over to the CW should give the show a boost. Not only does it allow Supergirl to grow on a network where the genre succeeds, but the show also shoots in the same location as it’s predecessors. Expect season 2 of the show to have crossover implications and to be taken in a new direction. The first season was hit or miss with fans, but the show will go on. It’s also clear that the CW will be able to invest a little more in the newest hero to the block. The network has been given the go-ahead to include Superman into this season’s story arc. With a comic book staple such as Superman, the show adds an element that seemed missing from the first season. Supergirl premieres Mondays at 8 pm on its new home.

October 13th:
DC’s Legends of Tomorrow season 2 returns for its second season. Although Season 1 hit a lull from time to time, the show finished strong in its finale. A season shortened to just 16 episodes left a lot to be desired as far as explanations go. The series itself seemed as jumpy as the time travelers themselves. However, the cliffhanger finale promise of the Justice Society of America should be enough to bring fans back for season 2. With time on their side, will these new allies bring stability to the team, or cause explosive personalities to break them apart. Legends of Tomorrow airs Thursdays at 8 pm.

The CW’s staple show, Supernatural is back for a 12th season. The show itself is often brought up in cancellation talks as of late. Great news for fans, season 11 seemed like a bounce back season. No longer on Wednesday nights, the CW is hoping the move to Thursdays will extend the show’s longevity. The season finale left fans wanting more and set the show up to regain footing. Can season 12 pick up with steam where the shocking finale? How do the new players fit into the show going forward? Season 12 airs Thursdays at 9 pm.

The CW has stepped up big time as far as content goes. Even with the heavy hitters such as the Flash and Supernatural, the network continues to build. The fall schedule also includes returning shows Jane the Virgin(Oct. 17), The Vampire Diaries(Oct 21st), and features new shows such as No Tomorrow and Frequency. From the preview, No Tomorrow seems a like a mix of the movie The Bucket List and Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World. Frequency will be an adaptation of the 2000 movie of the same name. Even the CW’s midseason lineup has some punch with shows like The 100, iZombie and newcomer Riverdale. Stay tuned as the CW continues to grow and build on their already popular brand.

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