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Dallas Cowboys: Tony Romo vs Dak Prescott

The Dallas Cowboys are enjoying the success rate to them since the 90’s. A rookie quarterback and running back tandem has the team sitting at 6-1 with no signs of slowing down. However, with Tony Romo close to healthy the debate has begun who to start.

Tony Romo has done nothing to lose the starting job, except get hurt. Dak Prescott has done nothing to give it up. Dallas faces the toughest decision in the NFL, who to start Romo who has carried the franchise through tough times or Prescott who continues to fill Romo’s shoes?

Advantage Prescott:
Dallas has been winning games without relying on the passing game. The Cowboys offense has played smart football allowing Prescott to play mistake free football. Statistically, his numbers aren’t off the charts, but he’s winning football games. The team’s only loss has come at the hands of the division rival New York Giants. Since week one the Cowboys have been on a five-game win streak. Prescott has done just enough to keep the team’s momentum going, and in the sports world you don’t mess up a winning formula.

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Prescott might not be the next Troy Aikman but success doesn’t have to come at the mercy of stats. Alex Smith has been known to allow his offense to run through the strength of their running backs enough that mistake free football wins him games. The same could be said of Dak. He’s thrown perfectly placed footballs to his receivers and limited his mistakes. Clearly, he has the Cowboys headed in the right direction. If he can come up with victories when his back is against the wall Dallas has a bright future ahead.

Advantage Romo:
Tony Romo gives the team the best chance to win close games. When it comes to passing the football Romo is one of the best. Prescott has had success winning football games but has never surpassed the 300 yards passing mark. Going into week 9, Prescott has thrown just nine touchdowns and two interceptions. Against NFC East rivals he has two touchdowns in 3 games. In those three games, Prescott has completed less than 60% of his passes 2 of 3 times. If the running game struggles, will Prescott have enough poise to get it done?

While most people can argue that they haven’t need to pass the ball, they will. Running back Ezekiel Elliot has the Cowboys thinking he’s the second coming of Emmitt Smith but he can’t win it all. Dallas fans should be all too familiar with having a league leading rusher, but it has never got them all the way. Romo has been the architect of many 400+ yard passing games with multiple passing touchdowns.

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Aside from that, the Cowboys have relied on him many times in the fourth quarter to lead them to a comeback. The ball has been placed in Romo’s hands so often, fans assume his occasional falter outweighs his success. He’s won the Cowboys more games in the late stages than he’s lost, imagine what he’ll look like with a successful running back again.

Sorry Cowboys fans, you have to start Romo. It’s fun to watch the rookie succeed and carve his way into a bright future. However, the Super Bowl is rarely won on ground attack alone. If it were, the Kansas City Chiefs would’ve been on their way a long time ago. When playoff time comes, you want a quarterback who can win a shootout. Prescott is averaging just 221 yards per game and 1 touchdown.

The last quarterback for the Cowboys to throw less than 250 yards per game

Brandon Weeden and he cost them their division title. Dallas has an uphill battle with top defenses coming up such as Baltimore and Minnesota. If the run game slows down will Prescott be able to carry the team?

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While fans are riding out the winning high, it’s time to put the pieces in place to build for the future. With a 6-1 record, Dallas can afford to drop a game if Tony Romo comes back rusty. He can easily step in and allow Elliot to control a game and get back into a rhythm. The Cowboys don’t want to get into crunch time and find out Prescott can’t handle the pressure of the big games.

Romo has struggled in those games himself, but you always go with experience. When the playoffs start and they decide to turn to Tony, you don’t want a quarterback to come in who is out of sync with his receivers. If the Cowboys want to make the Super Bowl this year, Romo is their guy.

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