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Dating and Relationships: Problems You Will Face When Dating A Woman Of A Different Culture

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By Andrea Bell

Imagine being with someone who is from a completely different country than you, with a completely different set of cultural views and traditions. Dating someone from another culture can be quite challenging in having different views, beliefs, and values weighing you down. Cultural and religious difference plays a major role in lives of any interracial couple, especially in the beginning of a relationship when you are just getting to know each other.

If you and the girl you are dating are from different countries with opposite culture and traditions then you are going to face certain problems and the only thing you can do to make the relationship working is to understand those problems and resolve it accordingly.

Language & Communication

Initially it is going to be different how you two communicate in a relationship, don’t simply expect her to respond or grasp the concept of things in a way you want, the key is to be patient. Good communication is the most important thing in any relationship, if neither of you are fluent in each other native languages, there is a chance of misunderstanding, don’t get offended but deal with it calmly. Your sense of humor is going to be a saving grace of the relationship, take interest in her worldviews. Also, think of it as an opportunity to learn a new language.

I have seen a couple from opposite cultures and as exciting as it may sound, the problems between the couple arises usually due to misunderstanding and arguments over different topics. I remember a friend who argues his Filipino girlfriend on politics and this didn’t really end well.

If you are dating a girlfriend of a completely different culture, here is a blog post for you to read.

Religion and Tradition

If you are dating a girl of a different religion, you might have to put lot of extra efforts to make the relationship work. First thing first, religion is a touchy topic and it must be as important for her as it’s important for you. If you want the relationship to flourish, you have to be open-minded and accept things as it comes to you instead of forcing your opinion your partner.

Lindsay Wrinn wrote her experience on Mind Body Green. She is an evangelical Christian dating an atheist physicist. One of the greatest takeaway from the post was the fact that saying that you are open minded is not enough but you have to prove it, and not once but repeatedly.


As relationship moves forward, expectations are attached to it, even if you don’t like it, this is exactly how it works. You can’t simply live without expecting things from your partner; after all, there is a reason why you call her a partner right?

When dating a girl from a different culture, it’s important to give your expectations an angle, I mean you can’t expect an Indian to go ahead and start living-in with you which is not the case when you date a girl from Latina or Europe.

Habits and Routine

If you are dating a girl of different culture with a thing in mind that later down the line you will change her, then my first advice ism don’t! First, changing habits and routines are not easy. Plus, if she actually changed for you the way you want, there will be less to no fun in the relationship which supposed to be there.

You simply cannot change a her upbringing and she cannot change yours, you both grew up with your own habits and routines and they are not going to vanish in a day just because you are in a relationship now.

Beauty Standards

We all have seen that viral youtube video that talk about why one should not care about beauty standard and look more into persona’s inside. This all sounds good, but practically speaking both girl and you have your own beauty standards.

Talking about beauty standards, Style MIC did a great study on beauty standards in China and America, it’s a must read for you and I bet you will take away one of two that will help you in your relationship with a girl of different origin.

Exchanging Presents

If you are dating a girl from India or Pakistan be ready for changing gifts because their culture teaches them not only to give gifts to the one you love but receive gifts from them. This might not be as important in the American culture but again I guess this is cute and you should adopt it, if not for anything but to make her happy. If you are in a long distance relationship, get any reliable online shopping website in that country and send gifts using that accordingly.

Dating a girl of different culture and religion is defiantly not easy but if you are willing to give it your time and effort the relationship can give you more than you have ever expected from it.

andreamillerAuthor Bio: Andrea Bell is a freelance writer who writes mostly on technology related stuff. Live simply, give generously and a sports lover. Find her on twitter @IM_AndreaBell.

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