For everyone who’s been following fashion trends lately, you could’ve easily grasped what the scene’s all about. An air of retro nostalgia is killing it, ‘90s are evidently back big time, vintage and boho vibes are still there for the romantic girls and boys, and athleisure wear? Well, it dominates the scene at large.

The thing about fashion, and any trend really, is that it quickly manages to work its way into every country, wardrobe and style. Varying from person to person in terms of individual takes on what’s hip and trendy, all the hot pieces we’ve been drooling over lately are pretty much a trend wherever you go. But – with a twist.

Unlike Western fashion that’s pretty much straightforward and tends to immediately get the army of followers who are more into copying the trends altogether than coming up with variants of their own, Aussie fashion is always a few steps ahead. While hot and hip, Aussie stunners will embrace the globally popular trend. They’ll always find a way to make them stand out as exceptional and unique pieces that tend to quickly become trends-within-trends in their own right.

Here’s what the Land Down Under trend-setters are going crazy over these days:

Cat Lady Cool: The Feline Trend Is Here to Stay

Aussie Fashion Trends
A lot of everything thrown together in a disharmonious ensemble that always manages to pull itself together into the utmost chic, that’s a Cat Lady trend for you right there. Earlier this year, when Stella McCartney posed real live kitties alongside her leopard-print coats, we caught a hint of what was to come. Some time after, two of the hottest young designers – Jonathan Anderson and Alessandro Michele—introduced us to the fact that cats are cool again. This was accomplished by using cat motifs as embellishments for their attractive garments. Laser cat tees, cat sweatshirts and life-size cat busts, hanging proudly on leather necklaces are definitely the choice of bold and edgy trend-setters looking to upgrade the current face of the already-worn out fashion.

Pretty/Ugly Shoe Obsession: We Want It

Aussie Fashion Trends
So, ‘90s are back for sure. What else is new?
What’s new is that, we are experiencing a major ‘90s flashback in terms of fabrics and stylistic choices of the period. From high-waist second hand jeans, oversized jackets, trainers, to sneakers with dresses and too much jewelry – the main focus of our obsession are, again, the pretty/ugly shoes. Tevas, Birkenstocks; clogs and Crocs; Uggs and flatforms – they are having a major moment and are approved by those on the very fashion top. While these shoes run the risk of looking trashy, if paired with properly chosen pieces, they can speak volumes about one’s style. However, do note that there is a distinction between the non-fashion pretty/ugly shoe and the modish one. Trend-setting Aussies definitely know the difference.

Millennial Freedom: Boho for Life

Aussie Fashion Trends
Aussies love their boho just as much as Kim Kardashian loves her bodycon dresses. With the always-hot temperatures out, no wonder fashionistas everywhere are big on the much loved boho grace. Easy fabrics, light materials, romantic patterns, vibrant colors, cuts that reveal more than they hide (although, designs are always tasteful) and see-through models that let the skin breathe while, at the same time, giving it that undeniably lively and attractive vibe are pretty much main reasons why we are falling head over heels with boho, over and over again.

When it comes to Aussie twist on boho, elegance is the word. The amazing juxtaposition of hard and soft, naked and dressed, whimsical and modern achieved with smart combinations of lace, feathers and fringe is what’s giving boho the universal beauty and a timeless stamp. Aussies always manage to upgrade boho to another level – cowboy boots and hats, leather details combined with flowy materials and the unavoidable, visible henna tattoo is what will help you recognize an Aussie boho lover in the crowd amongst all others.