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Dating/Relationships: How To Balance Love and Work In A Marriage

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Work (or school, in some cases) can be a real drain on your time and energy. It can be difficult to balance these responsibilities with your marriage.

A good marriage does not happen by accident. So, how does one have both a successful career and a wonderful marriage?

First and foremost, schedule time for each other. Especially when kids enter the picture, it is easy to let your roles as employee and parent get in the way of being husband or wife. But these roles are vital, and need to be cultivated.

While the experts say that the number one cause of divorce is money, I maintain that it is a lack of communication.

Perhaps that lack of communication is about money, or any number of things. Make time for each other and everything else will fall into place more easily.

Having said all of that, it’s important to give each other some grace. There will be times in life that are tougher than others, whether it is a particularly bad couple of weeks at work, the loss of a parent, new jobs or cross-country moves; life can really throw you some proverbial curve balls. Whether during these stressful times, it isn’t uncommon for people to do and say things that they do not mean or to slack off on the housework.

It is important to cut each other some slack during those times.

Lastly, have a common goal. When you work together with someone, when you act as a team, you will grow together as a couple. Whether it is to finish some degrees or certifications, have a baby, buy a home, or get out of debt, having this common goal will allow you to work in tandem.

Nothing brings you together as a couple like accomplishing something, big or small, together.

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