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Have the Denver Broncos found their quarterback? In today’s post-practice press conference, Head Coach Gary Kubiak named Trevor Siemian the starter for the 3rd preseason game. If you know football at all, you know that this is the game that the “starters” see the most time. It is the game that is treated the most like a regular season game. So does this mean that Siemian will start September 8 against the Carolina Panthers? It is not 100% yet, but this is the best sign for him going forward. Coming into 2016 Siemian looked as though he was going to be, at best, the #2 quarterback behind then QB Brock Osweiler. Then free agency hit and Osweiler ran to the Houston Texans for $80 million. That left the Broncos wondering what they were going to do. The only QB on the roster was a young, second-year arm out of Northwestern. The Broncos were left searching for a quarterback. On March 11th, 2016, the Denver Broncos acquired Mark Sanchez in a trade with the Philadelphia Eagles. The thought was that he would come in, and since he had experience, become the starter for the Denver Broncos. But no one understood the desire that the lone roster holdover had. He was within reach of his dream of becoming an NFL quarterback. With each passing day of mini-camp, there was an increasing talk that Siemian could become the starter. He had experience in the Kubiak system, he had a strong arm; he was smart and most of all he avoided the turnover. Something that Mark Sanchez has not been able to do in his career. Any football fan knows that turnovers happen in football. The best QBs even commit turnovers. It is the timing of those turnovers that hurt. It seems that every time Sanchez commits a turnover it comes at the worst of times. In 2 preseason games, Sanchez already has three turnovers (1 INT and 2 Fumbles) and has been sacked three times. Siemian has just the one turnover and has not been sacked in the preseason. If the third preseason game is an indicator, then Trevor Siemian should have the inside track to starting the opener for the Denver Broncos. He is more than capable of doing the job. He knows the offense, and he protects the pigskin. He may be young and suffer some growing pains, but it may be worth it in the end. Have the Denver Broncos made the final decision on the starting QB for 2016? May not be 100% but it’s a pretty solid case for Trevor Siemian. Where does this place, Mark Sanchez? It now places him in competition to be the backup quarterback.

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