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Discount 101: 10 Websites for Finding the Cheapest Deals Online

“Explore. Dream. Discover.” These are words everybody needs to live by. Traveling is good for the soul and it broadens your horizons. However, you should also face the fact that traveling can get extremely expensive. You need to book a flight, hotel, tours, car rental, and activities. You also have to make a budget for your meals and some souvenir shopping. If you’re not careful, you’ll end up spending more than you intended.

Thankfully, there are online deals that you can take advantage of which will save you a lot of money. If you have a dream destination or you’re planning to take a holiday soon, you can check these websites for cheap deals and save on your next trip:

Flight Deals

Airfarewatchdog – This website tracks the cheapest flight deals every day. Their team works tirelessly in checking thousands of routes day. The user interface needs getting used to, but once you have figured out how to navigate the website, it’s easy to search for tickets to your travel destination and on specific dates. If you don’t have a destination in mind, you can simply see what the top deals are to any location around the globe.

Hipmunk – The Hipmunk site has a better user interface than Airfarewatchdog, so it’s easier to navigate it. You can search for cheap flights and it will give you search results of available flights plus train tickets. One of the best features of this site is that you can sort the results by price, departure, arrival times, the number of connections you need to make, and preferred airports. They also give you the option of renting a car and booking a hotel.

Hopper – Hopper is an app that analyzes and gives a forecast on the best dates to book a flight by using historical data. It gives you suggestions on how to have a more cost-effective trip, and you can set up an alert if and when prices drop on the dates that you have chosen.

Kayak – If you want vacation package deals, Kayak is the website you should use. It’s a one-stop-shop kind of travel website. You can find the best deals on flights, hotels, car rentals, vacation package deals, and restaurants with just a few clicks.

Skyscanner – Skyscanner lets you compare prices between airlines. You will be given all necessary details such as prices, airports, connections, and flight duration. You can get the best fares possible all over the world.


Airbnb – Airbnb is one of the top go-to websites by seasoned travelers when they want to rent an apartment, a house, or just a room. You can filter your search by price, location, amenities, and rules (especially when you’re traveling with your pet). You can also book activities and restaurants on Airbnb.

Booking.com – Booking.com is one of the most popular travel websites for booking cheap hotel rooms. You can filter your search by price, location, rating, and even neighborhood. If you want to stay near areas that you want to explore, you can also tweak your search so you are given results within a certain radius of the areas you want to visit. One of the best features of Booking.com is that there are hotels that do not require you to pay your accommodation in full. You can pay at a later date or at the hotel reception when you arrive.

Hostelworld.com – Hostels are the best places to stay at whether you are traveling alone or with a group. Not only do they have the best room rates, but you will also get a chance to meet fellow travel enthusiasts. The culture in hostels is much different than that of regular hotels. It is friendlier and people are more willing to give travel tips. Hostelworld gives you the best deals for rooms, bed spaces, campsites, and apartments.

Car Rentals

Orbitz – Orbitz is part of the Expedia Group. This site will give you the best deals in cars and even plane fares, hotels, and tour packages.

Expedia – If you want to experience driving different types of cars while you’re on holiday, book on Expedia. You can choose the car make and model and filter it by price and other specifications. You can also ask the company where you can pick the car up and where to drop it off when you are done.


Traveling is a lot of fun, no doubt about that. However, if you belong in the working class, saving for your travels can be a bit challenging. So, try not to spend all your savings on one travel destination alone. With cheap deals online, you can go to more than one destination and see more of the world.

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