We can always be reached via the mobile phone and sometimes just want to leave it in the corner. This constant pressure to be available at all times can also be really annoying at times.

But why don’t we even leave our cell phones in the corner and cannot be reached? That is exactly the problem, we are afraid that we will not be available because something could happen or the friends are dating and you might not notice.

Be honest, how long have you been on the phone today? I think your screen time is longer than the time you spent outside today.

Now you can start a hobby like Paint by number and make your life joyful. With DIY painting you will be free from all the tension and your stress will be gone forever. So what are you waiting for grab some diamond painting or Malen Nach Zahlen  now and take your creativity to the next level.

Check out the following signs of cell phone addiction. Does it sound familiar to you?

Sign 1: Excessive mental and emotional obsession

You can quickly find yourself through WhatsApp, Facebook and co. Are you distracted and then no longer concentrate on your actual work?

Sign 2: Withdrawal symptoms

Leaving a cell phone at home or an empty battery – that makes most cell phone owners nervous. But if there are physical effects such as restlessness, nervousness, sweating when you cannot use your cell phone, this is a clear alarm signal.

Sign 3: Increase in frequency

In the past, you only grabbed your cell phone every now and then to see what’s new; today you always have the urge to check to be up to date? If you feel dissatisfied not to give in to this urge, that too is a sign of addiction.

Sign 4: Unsuccessful restriction attempts

Do you actually know that you spend too much time on your cell phone? And actually YOU have wanted to change that for a long time, but you can’t? Then this is also a possible indication of a cell phone addiction.

Sign 5: Little interest in other activities

If the way you spend your free time changes because of the cell phone, that should also be a warning. Do you hang out with friends less because you prefer to sit on the couch with your mobile phone and click your way through the internet? Or do you no longer pursue a hobby regularly because it is more tempting for you to chat on your smartphone? Do you neglect real face-to-face conversations and prefer the digital version?

Sign 6: Excessive use despite negative consequences

You realize that busy yourself with your cell phone too much has physical effects – and still you can’t put it to one side. For example, YOU surf the net until late in the evening, even though you are completely overtired and would normally go to bed.

Sign 7: Deceiving others

Because you yourself notice that you spend too much time on your cell phone: Are you trying to hide it from others, for example from your partner? Nobody should know how much you are on the phone,

Sign 8: Escaping negative moods

When problems torment you or bad thoughts keep you on your toes, do you use your cell phone to escape from them?

Sign 9: Risk to professional or private life

Has your mobile phone use over a long period of time meant that you had serious problems with your partner, your family, your friends or employees? This is also a signal of addiction

But this constant pressure and addiction to be available is not good for us. How about a little break from social media? Use the time wisely, for example with painting by numbers. YES this is also something for young people and adults. See the blog post about this.

You will notice how painting by numbers is good for you. It relaxes you and you will have some time off from social media. The only activity you still have to do online is to order your desired motif. So choose a motif and order it.

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