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Food is undoubtedly the basic requirement of survival because your body needs edibles for extracting nutrients by metabolizing them. However, the abundance of food sometimes results in eating disorder and a person suffering from several diseases. Irregular eating habits not only affect the physique of a person but also his/her social life. A person cannot walk properly, eat cholesterol-rich unhealthy food and this habit gradually turn into a large level which is life-threatening too. Some of the most common eating disorders that currently affecting the lives of millions are:-

  1. Anorexia Nervosa
  2. Bulimia Nervosa
  3. Binge Eating Disorder
  4. Orthorexia Nervosa
  5. Purging Disorder
  6. Rumination disorder
  7. Night eating syndrome
  8. Pica

Bulimia nervosa is an eating disorder characterized by repeated episodes of overeating (binges) followed by compensatory purges.

The eating disorder is not only concerned with gaining weight but also sometimes become a reason for weight loss.  Anorexia Nervosa is a syndrome of eating disorder that results in excessive weight loss. Basically, it is a fear of mind regarding gaining excessive weight. Consequently, a person reduces his/her diet to a minimal level. Generally, most of the patients suffering from Anorexia Nervosa never realize that there is something wrong with their health because being thin is considered as good for health. A person suffering from this syndrome can be identified from the following syndromes:-

  1. Avoiding regular mealtime with family
  2. Excessive exercising
  3. Wear loose clothes
  4. Dramatic weight loss
  5. Stomach pain
  6. Menstruation irregularity among ladies

Although only a few people are suffering from this problem because mostly th eating disorders occur due to the excessive eating habit.

Major reasons for causing an eating disorder

1) Biological factors

In biological factors, irregular hormone fluctuation is one of the major reasons why people feel the need of eating excessive food. Nutritional deficiency also triggers hunger. Also, genetics is a big reason for eating disorder but this factor is under research.

2) Psychological factors

If someone has a negative image in mind regarding his/her body, the issue of eating disorder persist. Some people feel overweight and they start reducing their diet to the extreme level. It results in malnutrition. Similarly, some people consider them underweight and start consuming extra calories that become their permanent habit after some time. If someone has poor self-esteem, they are likely to be more affected by the psychological issue of this disorder. The eating disorder treatment centers cure both biological & psychological factors.

3) Environmental factors

The environmental factors of the eating disorder involve a vast criterion span spans from residential to professional life. The environment where a person life implies a huge impact on his/her physique. A family where good health is considered on the basis of heavyweight, people gain excessive weight. Similarly, models need to be in perfect shape according to the event even they are suffering from malnutrition.

Most appropriate inpatient eating disorder treatment procedures

From the above article, it is clear that the eating disorder is a result of environmental, biological and psychological factors. Therefore, actionable steps are required from all aspects. It is a combination of multiple therapies that you will come to know in the below article.

  1. Family-based therapy

If the eating disorder is a result of an environmental factor called family influence, it can be healed in psychologically. People who generally live around the patient including parents, brother, sister, siblings, colleagues &friends are instructed to encourage the patient for adopting the healthy eating habit. It can be a very successful initiative if the role of family members is active.  

  1. Nutrition counseling

When it comes to managing eating habits, nutrition counseling is essential. They are the professionally certified physicians who diagnose their patients before suggesting a diet plan. A nutrition expert examines the patient’s body to identify the deficiencies and excessiveness. Then, they conduct a session with the patient and psychologically encourage to adopt a healthy lifestyle.  Following the right diet, the chart implies a huge impact on the health of a patient.

  1. Residential treatment

The residential eating disorder treatment centers provide their services directly at home including diet chart, medication & exercise. An expert is appointed to stay with the patient and monitor the activities that are concerned with eating disorder.

This information is enough to give you ideas regarding the disorder of eating and effective ways to regain better health. 

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