A little bit of stress and you have that extra push to meet a deadline, finish a test, or otherwise work better for a short period of time. A lot of stress on a never-ending basis? That will start taking its toll on both your physical and mental health.

We are not built to run non-stop on adrenaline. It will take its toll, it will make you feel terrible, and it will cause you to have a breakdown over time. Chronic stress can kill, so learn how to manage it by following these top tips:

Understand Your Stressor

Knowing the source of the problem can help you direct your efforts towards eliminating your stressor, instead of just managing the symptoms of stress. Some stressors you cannot avoid, yes, but you can take control and ask for help.

For example, if it causes you distress when you are expected to work after hours, know your rights. You do not have to work contractually after the day is done. You do not have to answer emails. They cannot fire you for this without a wrongful dismissal on their part. That being said, if you do answer these emails, you are creating an unrealistic expectation. Instead, set up an automated response notifying the sender that you are not in the office at the moment but you will be during such and such times. It helps no one if you push yourself towards a break down, so set realistic expectations today.

Improve Your Routines

Your routines are how you will stay healthy and live better. Put particular emphasis on your morning and night-time routines, as these are what will help you get ready for the day and unwind. Maintain a strict sleep schedule as well, and you can be the healthiest you have ever been in your life.

Improve Yourself

By adopting a lifelong approach to learning, you will immediately improve your quality of life, feel more fulfilled, and therefore less stressed. When all your progression is wrapped up in your career, you will feel stressed, whereas by learning on your own time and developing your own skills you can feel fulfilled, sometimes gain beneficial skills, and therefore be able to do your work without feeling like you are stagnating or under pressure to succeed.

Get Help When This Isn’t Enough

Chronic stress can quickly develop into something far more sinister. Chronic stress can result in you developing an anxiety disorder, have panic attacks, become depressed, and so much more. Improving your lifestyle and habits can help eliminate what’s wrong. If you keep having a miserable night’s sleep, then simply being strict with your bedtime routine could be all you need to do to stop the stress and anxiety, but if it persists then you can rule out insomnia as the single source. There are also a variety of different types of anxiety disorders, which you can read up on www.therecoveryvillage.com, and knowing which anxiety disorder you are afflicted with can help you find the right specialist and work towards a custom strategy to finally get your disorder under control.

Managing stress is a personal journey just like every other aspect to your mental health. If something doesn’t work, then it wasn’t for you, but you should never give up trying to find the right strategy to finally get on top of your stress.

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