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For quite some time now, pyjamas and comfortable dresses have been our favourite wearables. But now it’s time to go back to the office. And, it’s also time for Elegance and style to replace comfort in our dresses. So, before diving head-first into online shopping, you need to set your heart on what you want to wear. Here are a few suggestions for you to consider.


Go for bright colours

Lockdown has made our life a little dull. So, why not add a little brightness to it with your dresses. Go for bright and happy colours like flame scarlet, sunny yellow, or bright blues. A Beautiful Gown of bright colour will not only add spark to your day but will also keep your mood and spirits up. It will also exude confidence and will make a sartorial statement without a doubt.


Pants and blazer

Pants and blazers have always been an epitome of elegance and style. So, if you are going back to the office, wearing maroon coloured tie-waist pants with a beige top and white blazer will make a cool fashion statement. Pair them with block heeled sandals of tan colour to complete the look. Pants never go out of fashion, be it formal wear or casual. You can wear it to your office and even for a party. Just wear them with appropriate top and footwear.



Jumpsuits are easy to wear and you don’t need much to complete the look. Usually, a black or a white colour jumpsuit is the best pick, but if you can carry any colour, go for it. You can pair it with heels, and drop earrings. If your jumpsuit is solid coloured, add some design with a printed scarf. And if you are wearing a sleeveless jumpsuit, you can wear a bracelet to accentuate your delicate wrist. You can never go wrong with jumpsuits.


Faded denims

Denims are the best for any weather and occasion. And since the lockdown has been so full of anxiety, soothe down your mind and flaunt your looks with this calming colour. Denim dresses are extremely reliable and dependable, just like to-go jeans. It has an extremely approachable hue that conveys ease and comfort. Also, it is one of the most classy outfits that make you look chic if you pair it with bold and vibrant colours.


Short Kurtis

Kurtis are always in fashion and they display Elegance and style. You can wear solid kurtis, embroidered ones or even printed kurtis. Wear them with long skirts, jeans or pants. Accessorise them with scarves or jackets. You can wear flats or heels, as per your liking. Kurtis are comfortable and for those who are not comfortable in tops, kurtis give them confidence in dressing.


Palazzo and blouse

Palazzos have truly gained its name in the field of women’s fashion. You can always pair striped palazzos with a plain blouse and plain palazzos with a printed blouse. Heels add to the graceful look and you can wear drop earrings with bracelets too. If you are not wearing a high-neck blouse, you could also wear a little pendant around your neck. It is appropriate for both – a meeting and a presentation.



Skirts are extremely feminine and they give you a very businesswoman like look. So, you can try a navy or black pencil skirt with a cream or a white coloured blouse and a formal blazer of the colour matching your skirt. Use minimum accessories and pair them with pencil heel pumps. Skirts are always a perfect choice for any kind of formal occasion, even office parties. It is one of the most graceful formal wear options.


Polo T-shirts

Why should men have all the fun – with shirts? Yes, you can also wear a polo t-shirt and still look every inch of the beautiful woman that you are. Pair your colourful polo t-shirt with a solid coloured formal trouser to brighten up your casual day at work. You can wear stud earrings as an accessory and you won’t need anything else to glamorise yourself up.

Accessorise appropriately

Don’t wear heavy jewellery to your office. With high neck dresses and t-shirts, you shouldn’t wear blingy necklaces or long earrings. Try bracelets with short sleeved or sleeveless dresses. Opt for heels only if you are comfortable in them, else all your time and attention will be diverted from work. Dress comfortably as you will be spending around eight hours or more at work.


Be well groomed

Keeping yourself well-groomed isn’t just a part of staying beautiful; it also boosts your confidence if you know you look good. Waxing, manicures, pedicures, threading, etc. should be a part of your bi-weekly routine. And don’t forget your teeth and breath. You wouldn’t want your dirty teeth and bad breath undo your good impression. Wear your hair in a high ponytail or a bun. If you prefer open hair, make sure they are pinned in place and is not all over your face and that of others.


Wear well-fitting and well-ironed clothes

It is a needless thing to say. Who likes to wear crushed clothes? Well, the lazy ones. But you must remember that clothes are a vital factor if you are looking for style and elegance. Ill-fitting clothes will make you appear shabby. It will give other’s an impression that you are careless and irresponsible. Well-ironed clothes not only create a good impression, but it also makes you feel energetic and positive.


Joining the office after a long time in the pandemic situation could be both thrilling and intimidating. You wouldn’t want to do anything wrong or make a wrong impression. So, prepare what you will be wearing to your office a day before. Pick out your dress, your accessories and shoes and make sure everything is immaculate. Your dress should be pressed and your shoes should be clean. Wear minimal makeup and don’t wear too many accessories. Wearing the right dress and makeup is the key to a good day in office. Also, if you like wearing perfumes, make sure the fragrance isn’t too strong. You wouldn’t want everyone else around you sneezing, now would you? So, use these tips, go back to the office and be safe.

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