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Ah, the good old topic of why women like foreplay so much. This topic is quite close to me as I am one of those. From all the experiences I have had, I have seen that penetrative sex doesn’t always get me there. But foreplay – making out, touching, spanking, sucking, you get the drift, is something that I always look forward to. It’s the feeling when the stirrings start. The indications of something big coming and sometimes that is what matters.

Not to badmouth the male population, but penetrative sex hasn’t always been pleasurable. Most women go through this and some of my married female friends also confirmed this. They do have sex with their husbands but don’t always get pleasure from penetrative sex. Instead, they look forward to acts such as cunnilingus, which can be extremely pleasurable.

Hence, it isn’t a surprise that a lot of women feel that foreplay is better than penetrative sex. We explore the reasons for this in the following points.

  • Foreplay such as cuddling and kissing can make women feel precious and treasured. They can be made to feel good which could be better than sex.
  • Certain acts like playing with the breasts, cunnilingus and fingering are intimate and can make women feel sexy and good. Sometimes as an orgasm can be triggered through cunnilingus and finger fucking the pleasure is strong.
  • During penetrative sex, it is possible that the man may be too focused on his pleasure to act on the woman’s pleasure as well.

But if you are thinking, how much foreplay should be normal? Penetrative sex is the final act to the culmination, so should one focus on foreplay? Here are the so-called “rules” that one can follow on this.

Foreplay with clothes on

One can indulge in foreplay with clothes on as well. You don’t have to get naked immediately. Go slow, build the fire, stoke it. Gently massaging the breasts over clothes and sucking on them can definitely arouse the woman. The man can also grab the ass and spank it over clothes to get started. It doesn’t have to be limited to some minutes before sex. Take your time and string along the foreplay to get aroused to the highest levels.

No judgement

One shouldn’t be judging the amount of time spent on foreplay. Some take longer while others take less time to get aroused. Our bodies can react at different times and we may take time to feel desire. Just like you need to get your body warmed up for exercise, foreplay is also the same. You need to slowly get there.

Enjoying it by yourself

If you don’t get aroused quickly, then you can start by trying to get yourself aroused. Touch yourself slowly as you wait for your partner. Men think about sex more often than women and hence can jump on an opportunity when it presents itself. But women may take time and it is totally alright to touch yourself and prep for arousal.

It can be the main show

Foreplay can imply that it is an act that comes before sex or the “main act”. However, it doesn’t have to be so. There are many, and especially women for whom the main act of sex isn’t satisfying. While some men find handjobs or blowjobs better than sex. Women also may enjoy clitoral stimulation more than penetrative sex. So, foreplay can be the main picture here.

Can be different for each one

If foreplay is boring you, then it could be that you aren’t into the acts that could be pleasurable. So, there isn’t one set accommodates all in terms of foreplay. You need to experiment and decide on what appeals to you and what doesn’t.

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