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Entertainment: The Adventures of Puss in Boots To Debut January 16th On Netflix

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It’s a happy day for fans of the heroic Puss in Boots. Netflix has announced January 16th as the debut of its new original series, “The Adventures of Puss in Boots.”

The network will debut the first five 22-minute episodes on the 16th to users in the USA, Canada, Latin America and parts of Europe, with new episodes debuting over the course of the year.

The episodic cartoon series will follow the popular feline into the hidden city of San Lorenzo, a land of mystery and a magic spell that protects the cities people and hidden treasure. However, when Puss In Boots breaks the magic spell a horde of intruders invade the city, and it’s up to Puss to save it from destruction.

Puss in Boots made his debut in Shrek 2 and has since appeared in numerous Shrek sequel’s and spinoff’s. He even had his own feature film in 2011, which proved to be a success for DreamWorks pictures.

The man behind Puss In Boots, Antonio Banderas, will not be featured in the series. Instead, Eric Bauza will lend his voice to the show. Throughout the first season a few guest stars will lend their talents to the show including Danny Trejo and John Leguizamo.

So, get ready fans because Puss in Boots is back to save the day.

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