Pee-wee Herman’s upcoming film, which is titled Pee-wee’s Big Holiday, is set to begin production next month. This project has taken a few years for Paul Ruebens and Judd Apatow to make it a reality, and when it’s finally finished – it will be released exclusively on Netflix.

Reubens, as his alter ego of Pee-wee Herman, stated, “Judd and I dreamt up this movie four years ago. The world was much different back then — Netflix was waiting by the mailbox for red envelopes to arrive. I’ve changed all that. The future is here. Get used to it. Bowtie is the new black.”

Apatow and Reubens will be working together to produce the film. This will be John Lee’s feature film directorial debut, and he will be working from a script written by Reubens and Paul Rust. The premise of the film, from a press release at, is shown below.

“In Pee-wee’s Big Holiday, a fateful meeting with a mysterious stranger inspires Pee-wee Herman to take his first-ever holiday in this epic story of friendship and destiny.”

If this adventure is anything like his original cross country trek to recover his beloved bike, audiences will likely come away at the very least satisfied. Apatow and Reubens have had four years to come up with something that should be new but still representative of the humor fans have come to expect from a character like Pee-wee Herman.

The only potential roadblock for some Pee-wee Herman fans could be if they don’t subscribe to Netflix. There are likely to be some people who will complain about it not being released nationally in theaters, thus depriving these fans the chance to see it on the big screen.

But if those people stop to think about the average price of $8 plus per ticket as opposed to the $7.99 price of one month of Netflix streaming – the additional content alone makes it worth the price of seeing Pee-wee’s new movie on a smaller screen in the comfort of one’s own home.





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