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Entertainment: Things You Didn’t Know About Mila Kunis

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By Alicia Baker

Mila Kunis is an American actress who moved from the Ukrainian SSR to Los Angeles in 1991.

Since that time, she’s played roles in some amazing films and has fast become Hollywood’s first leading lady. Today, we’re going to highlight some facts most people don’t know about the woman behind the screen. We’ve also included an infographic that lists some of her biggest movies.

The Voice of Meg

Alongside her other acting work, Mila Kunis scored some great voiceover jobs during the last few years. She’s been the voice of Meg in Family Guy since 2000, and she also voiced roles in the movie Robot Chicken.

Training with SWAT instructors

Mila had to undergo lots of training for her role in the movie Max Payne. As part of that process, she underwent firearms training with specially-trained SWAT instructors.

Winning The Lottery

Mila Kunis’ family left the Ukraine in 1991 after winning enough money in the lottery to move to the US. Today, she’s worth more than her family ever won – an estimated $30 million.

Barbie Advert

Before she scored a role in “That 70s Show”, Mila managed to impress the right people and work her way into a Barbie doll advert. That was her first TV work in the US, and it set a precedent for things to come.

To learn more about Mila Kunis, search online or check the infographic below. She’s tipped as overtaking Angelina Jolie this year in the Hollywood female celebrity stakes.

So, it’s safe to assume you’ll love her movies.


Infographic Credit For Mila Kunis’ Acting Career

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