Most relationships begin with butterflies in your stomach and excitement that you both hope lasts forever. However, what seemed to be the perfect match may come to a tumultuous end, leading to some undesired complications.

If you find yourself in a toxic situation, you might be feeling nervous for your well being including your family, and perhaps potential retaliation to your property.

There are some ways to protect yourself and take steps to find out who you may be dealing with safely and legally. The following are some tips to consider after facing a destructive break-up.

You may not be concerned with your beloved’s background during the best part of your relationship. There are some things to keep in mind even before you may break things off. There are times when your best friend or family may not particularly like your new beau or gal. Personality clashes can happen but keep an open mind if you are hearing it from a few different people.

Your significant other’s temperament can be a huge red flag even on the best of days. Men don’t often report abusive behavior because they may feel embarrassed by being the victim. Red flags of abusive behavior can be talking down to you, you catch them in constant lies, they begin controlling who you can see and talk to, and damages your property or worse, your physical person.

Some former lovers can turn belligerent, becoming violent even if they had never acted upon it. Taking revenge for a separation or break-up can spark retaliation. For example, your vehicle may inherit some unwanted artwork thanks to a spray paint can or key marks across your car’s bodywork.

Some simple car care tips can help you from lots of headaches afterward. You might want to hold off on co-signing a loan for a vehicle if you are newly dating. Your ex may stop payments causing the car to be towed and repossessed. Installing a security system to prevent it from becoming stolen may help deter them from trying to gain access to your car.

If there is damage you should report it to the police in addition to taking pictures for evidence in case you need a legal expert. Make sure to listen to your insurance company; they will instruct you how to proceed in getting the car fixed properly.

Changing your phone number can help stop unwanted phone calls or texts from your ex. Buying new locks for apartment or your home is a good step to ensure your safety and mental well being. Many companies have high tech security doorbells with built-in cameras that are easy to install and can be linked to your smart device.

Some video doorbells can even let you lock or unlock the door if you aren’t home, giving you that added security when running out the door. They also work with assistants like Alexa and save footage to the cloud for an added monthly fee.

Though it may be unpleasant, you might find yourself in a legal situation after breaking things off. Retaining a background check for your attorney may be required for additional evidence from your relationship. The more substantial proof you have to successfully prove any issues such as abuse, harassment, fair division of assets, or property damage can help your case.

Every state has different laws about non married couples and how property is divided. Unless you both placed your names on, for example, a car or house, then in the eyes of the law your property simply belongs to you.

Perhaps one of the most important things to have after a rough break up is being supported by loved ones. Creating a safe space filled with trusted family, friends, and even co-workers can help during this scary and emotional time.

Doing group activities such as self-defense classes or finding the right therapist can encourage a stronger sense of self and confidence. It’s key to take time to heal so you can continue living a healthy and active life.



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