Due to the recent furor and outrage over President Barack Obama’s recent decision to wear a tan suit at a White House briefing, one cannot help but wonder, what’s the big deal?

Perhaps the most scrutinized president in history, Obama’s many detractors were out in full force on social media this past Friday—both political and fashion—critics used POTUS’s fashion decision to proverbially throw him under the bus to the point where it was overkill.

Politics and style aside, Obama was the victim of a classic catch-22 political wardrobe malfunction.  Damned if you do, damned if you don’t, why this is news is both sad and stupid at the same time.

While it has long be a tradition for sitting U.S. presidents to wear the often conservative—and boring—palettes of blue, gray and sometimes black, Obama’s choice of tan—or taupe, for the fashion-savvy—casual observers and outsiders from The Hill would think that Obama all but defecated on the Constitution and channeled the fictional and Machiavellian-like Frank Underwood from the critically acclaimed Netflix series, House of Cards.

That being said, this writer found the proverbial Internet meltdown both comical and sad that inspired Obama-inspired catchphrases such as “Yes We Tan”, “The Audacity of Taupe” and a hashtag #TANSUIT because for all of Obama’s many criticisms, to criticize a president for the color of his suit—which was a summer color—is both ignorant and shows the political divide and cultural animosity towards Obama as a microcosm of the sad state of affairs in America.

You can be a critic of his policies and lack of follow though, but until you are in his shoes—or suit—lambasting a man over the color of his wardrobe, shows a lack of knowledge as well as style.

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