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Opinion: Are We Living In A Free-Falling Society?

Written by LaShawn Encarnacion aka The Dark Knight of Sports The Roman Empire, the Greek Empire, the Ottoman Empire, the Russian Empire, the Nazi Empire. All of these societies were once dominant but during their reigns, all fell susceptible to uprising from within their own governments, causing their society to become a free-falling society and eventually overthrown. Bad decisions, bad leadership, people not caring about what's best for their country
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Ben Carson: Can I Become The First (Second) American Muslim President?

After recent comments by Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson stating that a Muslim should never be president of the United States, I feel that I myself—an American--born Muslim--should consider running. In his comments, he felt that Muslims practice Sharia and so could never be loyal to the United States. With all due respect to Dr. Ben Carson—who I know is very brilliant, and probably the best pediatric neurosurgeon in
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Politics: Obama’s Latest Foreign Policy Win, Keeps Iran at Arm’s Length

“Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”, with these words of wisdom passed down from Vito to Michael Corleone, the family business was able to thrive. It seems these words of Italian wisdom were not lost on President Barack Obama either. When Democratic Senator Barbara Mikulski announced her support for the landmark Iran nuclear deal, it meant that opponents to the deal will not have the requisite 67 vote
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Benjamin Netanyahu: What Bibi’s Win Means For Obama

JERUSALEM – After surviving a close bid for his third term as prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu’s narrow win signals the beginning of a new Cold War between Bibi and U.S. President Barack Obama. After shifting his stance from right-wing to ultra right-wing in stating that he would not allow the creation of a Palestinian state and is firmly against a US-led peace deal with Iran nuclear talks, to
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Politics: With U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder Stepping Down, Is Kamala Harris The Front-Runner? (VIDEO)

[caption id="attachment_31365" align="aligncenter" width="594"] (May 16, 2013 - Source: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images North America)[/caption]   WASHINGTON – With Eric Holder’s official announcement that he is resigning as U.S. Attorney General Thursday, could California Attorney General, Kamala Harris be his successor? Harris, a 49-year-old native of Oakland, has reportedly stated that she is not interested in succeeding Holder as U.S. Attorney General, is running for re-election on the West Coast. One
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Politics: From ISIS Strikes To The Latte Salute, Mainstream Media Need To Know Their Priorities (VIDEO)

  [caption id="attachment_31323" align="aligncenter" width="640"] (Image courtesy of[/caption] Fourty-eight hours after authorizing airstrikes on ISIS targets in Syria, President Barack Obama is at the center of another controversy, or is it? Obama saluted a U.S. Marine as he was coming off a helicopter while holding a Starbucks coffee cup, has once again been unfairly targeted by the mainstream media for something other than his actions. One month ago, he
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Fashion/Style: Was Barack Obama’s Tan Suit A Bold Political Statement or Fashion Faux Pas?

  Due to the recent furor and outrage over President Barack Obama’s recent decision to wear a tan suit at a White House briefing, one cannot help but wonder, what’s the big deal? Perhaps the most scrutinized president in history, Obama’s many detractors were out in full force on social media this past Friday—both political and fashion—critics used POTUS’s fashion decision to proverbially throw him under the bus to the
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Politics: ObamaCare In Jeopardy After GOP Judge’s Ruling

[caption id="attachment_28405" align="aligncenter" width="500"] (July 20, 2014 - Source: Mark Wilson/Getty Images North America)[/caption] Thanks to two Appeals Court rulings Tuesday, President Barack Obama's health care law--ObamaCare--ran into another road block. According to White House spokesman, Josh Earnest, millions of consumers will keep getting financial aid for their premiums, which would add up to billions of dollars in total, as the Obama administration appeals the one decision. The first ruling,
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Politics : Iran Agrees to Nuclear Deal in Geneva.

[caption id="attachment_18971" align="aligncenter" width="545"] Carolyn Kaster / AP[/caption] GENEVA – In what can be considered a diplomatic breakthrough between long-time adversaries, Iran has agreed to an accord to limit its nuclear activities in exchange for sanctions relief.  After a marathon round of talks, long-time enemy, Iran will begin the first steps of ending it’s nuclear program. In what is considered is a “first-step deal”, per, the landmark agreement agreed was reached in Geneva