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Fashion/Style: Layering Up With Jackets This Fall

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It’s finally fall! With temperatures set to drop down, being on trend has some feeling the autumn chills.

However, for fashionistas, now is the time to layer up their attire in warm fall colors and follow the trends they have waited for!

There is so much happening in the world of fashion that you can’t really decide what to wear that would not look outdated and make you look chic.

We understand the confusion, so here is a complete guide to layer perfectly with the hottest trend of fall—yes, the jackets! Here’s how to rock all your jackets.

Basic Layer Slayer Tips:

· Layers are an essential part of your fall sartorial upkeep, if you want your wardrobe to be on point, make sure you know the trends in layering and what colors are in.

· There will always be many choices to choose from, but obviously you can’t always buy all the jackets, sweaters and coats available.

· A good rule of thumb is to buy layers that are versatile enough to be worn in more than just one way and with the many outfits you have.

Rock It With A Jacket:

If you’re looking for an off-duty fall wardrobe, then you definitely need some great jackets. The style you would want to flaunt with these jackets matters the most because you can’t really get different looks with the same jacket.

Edgy Leather Jackets:

Keep it sleek and edgy, by finding yourself some leather jackets, such as quilted and plain. While black leather jackets are the most versatile layer that can be paired with almost every outfit, you should also pimp up your leather jacket collection with colors like burgundy, camel and teal.

You can style your leather jacket both formal and semi-formal ways with just a few changes in what you wear it over. A dress layered with a leather jacket can give you a dressy yet glamorous look and similarly a semi-formal look can be created with a leather jacket worn over your button down tops and skinnies.

Want more of leather? Then accessorize the look with a plain faux-leather bag and boots.

Denim Jackets Are A Must!

Denim jackets are a must for every season’s layering! Keep it ultra-casual when layering your outfits with a denim vest and a scarf or a full sleeved denim jacket for a warmer and trendy look. If you are tired of the traditional denim colors, then check into your favorite store to get them in a few timeless colors.

A denim jacket will always come to the rescue when you’re repeating an outfit or if it is too boring and plain. For teens, they can work wonders as they go to school in plain t-shirt and regular skinnies, layered with a denim jacket and accessorized with a funky scarf, backpack and sneakers.

You can wear your denim jacket or cropped jacket over a top and skirt look to keep it girly and trendy at the same time.

Street Style with the Varsity Jacket:

The uber-chic varsity and bomber jackets are back in trend. So you really don’t have to be a high-school student or a football fan to wear one, in fact you can get them in a number of neutral shades. Custom letterman jackets can be a great layering addition to your street style-esque looks because we have seen them on celebrities and at fashion week street styles.

We know they are back in vogue and you shouldn’t miss out on something that can ultimately bring out the young trendy side of yours. Wear them over your regular tops and accessorize the look with a pair of pointed toe heels.

Distressed denims and skirt as bottoms look great with a varsity or letterman jacket.

Quick Tip:

Balance out the tough, sturdy look of a jacket by pairing it with a feminine piece, like stilettos, skirts or dresses. Give yourself an extra layer treat by doubling layers such as a jacket and a sweater. If you can get yourself some tailored jackets then these can really transform your formal fall wears with their perfect fitting and sleek look.

Which jacket style is your favorite? Share some of your own style tips for this fall with us.

Author Bio: Zyana Morris is a passionate lifestyle blogger and a regular contributor at Inscriber Magazine. She loves to make people aware of the prevailing trends through her writings. She is a featured author for Sophie and Trey, an online fashion boutique.

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