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Fashion/Style: My Never-Ending Obsession For The Perfect Scarf

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I have a confession to make. I have an addiction…a scarf addiction.

Without rhyme or reason, I do not know where this addiction of mine came from, or where it started, but next to—perhaps—my obsession with men’s cologne, my never-ending search to find the perfect scarf haunts me.

With spring finally upon us, now is the time for most men to take their style game to the next level, and get their gear on fleek and on point. While most men will obsess over the latest LeBron’s, diamond-crusted watch or whatever bling-bling satisfies their proverbial style itch, the perfect men’s fashion scarf is the one single accessory that can take one’s wardrobe to the next level.

They come in all shapes in sizes from the classic two-end scarf to the trendy infinity scarf, paired with the right outfit, the perfect scarf is versatile, hip and adds a touch of edge and class.  What makes the scarf so versatile is that—in addition to being the most worn unisex accessory—it can be tied a wide array of ways from the classic knot, to wearing it as a belt.

11174960_10204255045513251_1609987267918145435_nIf that’s your thing, by all means, who am I to judge with my modest collection of nearly a dozen, right?

Perhaps the main reason I love wearing scarfs is that I can put it over my office suit to add some real style, going to my favorite pub to cheering on my favorite sports teams, or even just throwing one on for a cross-campus walk on a cool brisk day in spring, the ability to pair it with work or fan apparel, makes it such a luxury to have.

Why I also like it is that it can be born anywhere, anytime and for all seasons—excluding summer—of course.

Don’t think that sports merchandisers haven’t noticed either.

As seen in the photo taken of my collection, companies such as Nike are cashing in on the “support scarf” market, as they—along with companies such as Philadelphia-based Mitchell and Ness have come out with a wide choice of double-sided scarves that allow causal fans, hipsters and die-hards alike to either wear it for style, comfort or support.

For my personal style, I highly recommend Mitchell and Ness for their vintage old-school nostalgic look, since I’m such a die-hard sports aficionado.

Whatever your personal tastes are, the quest to find that perfect scarf to top of your outfit or wardrobe, lies entirely within the individual, but know this, you will know when you find the right one when you see it.

Just be sure to grab it quickly before it slips through your fingers.

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