The travel industry consists mostly of women, in fact, about more than half of travelers are primarily women. There’s no doubt that the travel industry can accommodate women travelers, be it for business or pleasure.

Is it safe for women to travel alone? This is a common question that most women wanted to ask. Although women are more vulnerable or danger-prone than men, it doesn’t mean they can’t be independent, so here are a few tips and safety measures that can ensure a smooth and safe traveling.

Plan Thoroughly

One of the most important things to remember before traveling is to plan and research about the destination. Take time to study safety information about the place you will be going. Make sure to find good reviews about the area because your knowledge will serve as your protection from danger and misfortune.

Before leaving, it is essential to share your travel plan with your family and friends for safety purposes in case of emergency.

Be Mindful Of Your Valuables

When traveling alone, avoid carrying a lot of cash. Take only one personal credit and debit card. Keep your money separately, in case of emergency. You can insert some of your money in your hip pocket, your shoe and even in your bra. Leave your daily spending cash inside the purse for easy access.

Most travelers bring smartphones, cameras, laptops, tablets and other devices during their trip. These valuable gadgets are prone to robbery. So, when in transit or during traveling, devices must be kept next to you for safety purposes.

You don’t want to go home with a losing item. Also, you should have a different bag or folder with all your essential documents intact, or have a front sling bag where you can fit all your essential items. Never place your important materials in the luggage or your main backpack.

Set Arrival During Daylight

It is more convenient for a solo traveler to arrive during daylight, especially if it’s your first time traveling in that destination. The reason why it’s more beneficial for you to come early during the day is that so you can check the area if it’s safe for you to stay there.

One more reason is that unsafe areas are more visible during daytime. Also, arriving sooner will give you time to assess your accommodation or hotel and, if you don’t like it, you can make another arrangement in other hotels.

Don’t Trust Quickly

When traveling in a new environment, especially when traveling alone, it’s inevitable to find new friends. But these “so-called” friends won’t always be kind to you. Some of these people like befriending you, and if they get the chance, they will rob you before taking off.

You have to take things slowly, being cautious is not being rude. If someone earns your trust, that’s the time you trust them too.

Be Alert And Blend In the Crowd

It’s good to blend into the crowd when you’re a traveler, in that way people will see you as a local. When walking or when you go sightseeing, don’t wear flashy jewelry and clothes that can attract the attention of other people. Keep in mind the cultural differences and blend in if possible.


In the end, traveling isn’t as hard as it looks with just the right preparations. Plan everything to avoid any inconveniences and stay in touch with your loved ones so that when there’s an emergency, your family would know where to locate you.

Also, if you’re having difficulties in transporting, you can always book an uber to help you out and make sure you don’t forget to check uber tip signs. With a little plan and research, you can have a meaningful trip.

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