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FIFA World Cup 2018: Ranking all 32 countries Kits

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So with the World Cup less than 2 weeks away, I have decided to rate the 32 counties participating in the World Cup by order of how I like their Kits. Some people may pick the team they root for just by kit alone, and if you are one of those people here is a great rating system to use. Nike and Adidas will end up being responsible for 22 of the 32 teams. Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Columbia, Croatia, Egypt, England, France, Germany, Iran, Japan, Mexico, Morroco, Nigeria, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Spain, and Sweden.  Puma is responsible for Senegal, Serbia, Switzerland, and Uruguay. New Balance does Costa Rica and Panama.

  • 32. Iran- Made by Adidas- A simple white with red shirt and a red with white shirt for the Iranians.
  • 31.Tunisia- Made by UhlSport- Another simple version of a shirt, the reason they are in front of Iran is that their kit has a little more accent.
  • 30. Morocco-Made by Adidas-These kits make me think of Christmas, It is a red shirt with white sleeves and green shorts.
  • 29. Denmark-Made by Hummel-Another basic red shirt but this time with Hummel’s chevrons down the side of the jersey.
  • 28. South Korea- Made by Nike-Sticking with the theme of red jerseys South Korea adds to the group. The black shorts with the red socks make this a little better than the other red shirts.
  • 27.Peru- Made by Umbro- White shirt with the traditional red sash for Peru as they make their first World Cup appearance.
  • 26. Costa Rica- Made by New Balance- The surprise of the 2014 World Cup they are another country with a red jersey. What sets them apart is the tribute inside the collar to their 5th World Cup appearance.
  • 25. Panama- Made by New Balance- Inspiration for this kit came from the Harpy Eagle and is keeping with the red jerseys in this World Cup.
  • 24. Poland- Made by Nike- This two-tone white and grey kit is what makes them better than the rest of the red jerseys.
  • 23. England- Made by Nike- Featuring a rosette on the inside of the jersey this simple white jersey makes England a little better than the rest.
  • 22. Serbia-Made by Puma- Serbia leaves their old kit designer Umbra and give Puma a chance at the design and their outcome is decent.
  • 21. Portugal- Made by Nike- Going with the traditional look for Portugal these red jerseys have green trim with gold accents.
  • 20. Russia- Made by Adidas- If not for their away kit their jerseys would be rather boring but their away kits saved them and got them their 20 ranking.
  • 19. Senegal- Made by Puma- Finally our first jersey that didn’t involve the color red.  Senegal has a graphic of a lion which is a homage to the nickname of Lions of Tarenga.
  • 18. Sweeden- Made by Adidas- Sticking to their traditional Blue and Yellow kits Adidas really didn’t have anything to do on this.  It is the simplest of the colored kits.
  • 17. Switzerland- Made by Puma- Due to the mountainous regions of Switzerland Puma decided to pay tribute to it by adding a graphic on the front of the jerseys.
  • 16. Mexico- Made by Adidas- The green jerseys with the mountain design on the side of the jerseys.
  • 15. Columbia- Made by Adidas- An amazing looking Yellow with some very nice Blue and Red Accents makes this kit top half of the world.
  • 14. Brazil- Made by Nike- The traditional Blue and Yellow jerseys are being used but the green accent in these kits make them look a little better.
  • 13. Egypt- Made by Adidas- The pharoahs bring us back to the red jerseys but the design of the graphic on the jerseys with the black and white trim makes it one of the better ones we have seen.
  • 12. Spain- Made by Adidas-La Roja Fura added a little classic twist to their jerseys with the yellow and blue accents down the side of the jersey. I like it for a team I dislike very much.
  • 11. Argentina- Made by Adidas- A traditional look for Argentina but with a little flair added to the away jerseys.
  • 10. Saudi Arabia- Made by Nike- The use of neon green and white goes very well together making them one of the best kits in the World Cup
  • 9. Uruguay- Made by Puma- A baby blue kit with a graphic of the Sun of May on the front. The Sun of May is a predominant feature in Uruguay’s history.
  • 8. Germany- Made by Adidas- Another retro-inspired kit as Germany pays homage to their 1990 World Cup victory.
  • 7. Belgium- Made by Adidas- Belgium will wear kits that are retro to their 1984 Euro kits, hoping they will bring them success.
  • 6. Croatia- Made by Nike- These red jerseys rank higher because of the checkboard design on the front of the jerseys.
  • 5. Australia- Made by Nike- The Socceroos will at least look stylish as they play these Yellow kits with the green tiger stripes look really sharp.
  • 4. France- Made by Nike- The French kept it simple with this kit but it still looks nice and is good enough to be top 5.
  • 3. Iceland- Made by Errea- Iceland playing in their first World Cup ever and their jerseys are far better than what we saw when they made an appearance in D2: The Mighty Ducks movie.
  • 2. Japan- Made by Adidas- Japan has used the blue base previously but the design on this was good enough to be ranked 2. It also has red and white hues to honor the countries flag.
  • 1. Nigeria- Made by Nike- To be honest it wasn’t even a close contest for 1st as this is by far the best soccer kit ever made. It sold out in 3 hours from the time it was released to the public. Cameroon if they had made the World Cup would have contended for the best kit but alas they did not make the World Cup.


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