Spending days at home for the quarantine doesn’t mean to give up your summer fitness dreams. You can now get your body in shape for the summer by following this easy gym routine and workout. Sculpt your belly and start building your dream summer abs now.

Follow routines via phone

These days in particular are perfect to try fitness apps right from your phone! What’s better than getting a personal training like session right from your smartphone? There’s plenty of apps such the 30 day fitness challenge app that’s filled with workouts and tips, like the 30 minute core workout, to help get you the abs you’ve always wanted! Summer is coming and working out properly is half of what you need to succeed.

Increase your protein intake

There’s another part you need to get you in shape for your summer bikini, you’ll need a healthy and balanced diet to help you optimize the gym results. According to scientific studies, regular protein consumption helps burn body fat quicker and in a healthier way. When you exercise, proteins are also key to repair the muscles.

Drink a lot of water and tea

Drinking water or tea and stay well hydrated is the best thing to do, if you want to drop extra weight and be in good shape. Water, tea and liquid in general are needed to accelerate the removal of waste, toxins and impurities from our body. Water can be very helpful to melt down fat and eliminate stored fat in our body cells. You will fell a lot more energized and less tired during the workout.

Eliminate processed foods and sugar

A healthy diet is the best way to achieve your six pack abs for this summer. If you want to see results, start doing something now! Cut all processed food, carbs and refined sugar. Include quality dishes in your daily meals, go for food rich in nutrients and vitamins, choose fruits and vegetables and healthy fats, like dry nuts and olive oil.

Try to do some cardio

Even if you have to spend more time at home, don’t miss out on your cardio training. Aerobic exercise is important to lose weight consistently. A cardio routine can be anything of your choice, from going out for a brisk walk to a short run around your neighborhood, a ride on your bike or rope jumping in your back yard.

Take advantage of this time to build your workout, boost your confidence and get ready to wear a stunning two pieces bikini this summer. Follow these tips and advice to achieve your 6 pack abs in no time!

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