No one gets as excited about receiving gifts as much as children. They love to get presents, even if it is just a small packet of their favorite chocolates or candies. Christmas and birthdays are usually the only time of the year when kids receive gifts, so every parent wants to do their best to make their children happy and content. But as an adult, who has to spend a lot of amount on utility bills, you sometimes do not have enough budget to buy your child’s favorite items. But you do not have to worry about it anymore.

We have found a few tricks that can help you save money in unexpected ways and make your kids happy at the same time.

1. Shop at Clearance Sale

You will be amazed at how much good quality stuff you can find at a clearance sale. Clearance sales are happening by different brands almost all the year. Every time you visit the shopping mall, check the clearance racks. You will be able to find all sorts of items there.

2. Use Discount Codes

When you search for items that could bring a smile to your kid’s adorable face, make sure to keep your child’s preference in mind. Using discount codes is a sure way to shop for good quality items on a budget. Kohls coupons can give you as much as a 50% discount, so you can easily shop for your kid without having to worry about exceeding your budget.

3. Use Your Local Market

We often prefer to shop from big shopping malls tend to ignore our local markets and bazaars, thinking that the toys, bags, and even clothes found in them are of bad quality. But you can find good quality and inexpensive toys and other kid’s items in your local shops. You only have to try a little harder than usual.

4. Check Facebook MarketPlace

If you plan to buy your children’s birthday gift or even their Christmas present but are too busy or tired to go outside, then you can easily shop from Facebook MarketPlace. It is a new feature introduced by Facebook that helps you find both preloved or discounted items within your city or town’s limits. From toys to clothes, school accessories, and children’s storybooks, there is nothing you would not be able to find at Facebook Market.

5. Plan Ahead of Time

Planning way before expected holidays or events can save you from a last-minute shopping spree that usually went out of budget. Most of the thrift and retail stores have year-end sales. Have an eye on stores like target etc, as they usually reduce the prices of their old toys in January or June as they have to introduce new toys before the holidays. It is the perfect time to shop for your kids, as you will be able to spend a reasonable amount of money and can get good quality items.


It is the parent’s job to fulfill their kid’s wishes, but in doing so, you should not forget how many other responsibilities you have. These were just some of the surprising ways you could save some money while buying your kid’s gifts.


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