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Galaxy Note 3 Confirmed: Samsung’s New Phablet Set For Late September Release.

BERLIN – At IFA 2013, Samsung unveiled their newest smart phone/tablet–phablet, the Galaxy Note 3. With a 5.7 in Super AMOLED screen, the Galaxy Note 3 is slightly bigger than the Note 2.

In addition to the larger screen the Note 3 will come with an updated S Pen features and a leather-bound stitched back.  Launched with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, the Galaxy Note 3 will have a fast 2.3 GHZ quad-core processor. Running 4G LTE, the Note 3 will be the fastest phone in Samsung’s lineup.

In April, Samsung released the Galaxy S4.

The major improvements to the Note 3 are in the multitasking features. With improvements to multi-window and the S-Pen, the Note is a multi-tasker’s wet dream. Able to have multiple windows open on the same screen, the Note will allow you to browse the Internet while you check your mail.

However with the large screen and no improvement to the battery, the Galaxy Note 3 will need to be charged often.  Samsung is currently launching a new phone every six months, while the Note 3 does have better specs than the Galaxy S4, it does not seem that this new addition is that much of an upgrade.

The Note 3, while bigger than its predecessor, it is also lighter and thinner, which was a hindrance to the Note 2.  The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will ship worldwide on September 25th to all major carriers in the US. IT will come in black, white and light pink. Final price is not known at this time.

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