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Gambling: Brick & Mortar Casino Etiquette

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We must all admit that casinos can be a very confusing place, more especially if you are a first-timer. If you are accustomed to playing the games through the online platform such as Vulkan Vegas, using your mobile device, you’ll be left in awe especially when you notice how large some of these establishments are and how people are flocked in the rooms. Sites like OnlineCasinobluebook.com can help you through the maze of finding a great online casino, one which you don’t even have to get dressed up to play at.

What will even surprise you is how everyone seems to know what he/she is exactly doing. It even gets more confusing maneuvering your way around the casino. There are no announcements, signs or any tour guide to show you around the casino or giving you all the basic information on how to behave.

Lucky for you, we are here to help with the same. This guide contains all the information regarding how to behave and the rules that you are expected to follow while playing at the casino. Under each section, we’ve also highlighted the importance of following each of the described rules.

Getting in & around the Casino

1. 18 Is the Magic Number

Before you decide to enter the casino, you have to ensure that you are at least 18 years of age. All brick and mortar casinos are required by law to ensure that there are no underage gambling activities within the premises. If you happen to have a minor accompanying you to the casino, you cannot stand by a machine or table and start playing. You are only allowed to walk through the casino with the minor in tow. However, if you stand by the machine, a mean looking security guard will appear and quickly escort you out of the casino premises.

2. Never Walk into a Casino with Your Electronic Device

All electronic devices, including mobile phones, cameras, and pagers are frowned upon by the casino. For a long time, casinos have been known to be camera shy because most of them believed that the privacy of their players enjoying their services is of vital importance and as such, they banned all forms of cameras.

To avoid match-fixing or other forms of cheating, the use of smartphones and pagers has been banned from all sportsbook and casinos and to ensure that this actually has been affected, casinos design their walls with thick concrete to block out the smartphone signal.  It also goes without saying that you wouldn’t be happy if you are in the middle of a hand when someone slows down the game because he/she is caught in the middle of trying to get coins in temple run and playing the game. In the same way, you should also respect other players by avoiding to use your phone.

3. Smoking Isn’t Allowed

This depends on the establishment you choose to visit. There are those that allow smokers to enjoy their cigarettes, while the non-smokers look for the non-smoking section where there are slots and other table games. There are also those who have a zero-tolerance policy on all players who smoke because of the technology they use to fight the fire which automatically goes off when there’s smoke. Therefore, before visiting a casino, go through their policies to determine which best suits your gaming needs.

4. Always Keep All Your Items in Your Line of Sight

Your security and that of your personal belongings entirely depend on you. Even though the casino tries as much as possible to keep you safe with guards and their omnipresent security cameras, the massive crowds and distractions can easily overwhelm their vigilance.

Chances of being mugged inside the casino are close to zero, but the likelihood of being short-changed are high. Therefore, always ensure your purse is on your lap and should you have to visit the washroom, carry the chips with you.

At the Tables – What’s Required of You before Playing the Games

The large majority of land-based casinos offer players with blackjack, roulette, baccarat and slot machine games. There’s also a very good chance that there are also poker, bingo, keno, sports betting among many others. If you want to go straight into the action and avoid complicated rules, then roulette, slots and video poker games are the best choice. Otherwise, you can try out some of the other table games, but bearing in mind the following rules.

1. Not Sure How to Play, Ask the Rules First!

If it’s your first time gambling and you aren’t sure of the game’s rules, or if you are playing the game for the first time, then it’s recommended that you ask for instructions. Most of the gambling houses have demo tables, where you can visit and learn how to place a bet in less than one minute.

Alternatively, you can as well try to find out more about the rules online before using real money. By familiarizing yourself with the rules, you not only increase your chances of winning, but you’ll also find the games very interesting and fun to play.

2. Check the Limits Before Betting

It’s 10 PM on a Saturday evening, the time when there is a beehive of activities in the casino, and the dealer has to attend to so many people. You’ve made your way through the crowd and seen an empty seat at a fairly busy table – and you thought to yourself, ‘yeah, why not.’

The croupier has just finished dealing and is now requesting for new bets. You confidently push your €100 bet with a broad smile on your face, ‘time to win some cash’ you’re thinking. But the dealer gives you an angry stare and points the €30,000 minimum bet placard on the table. This is money you can only touch after two years!

The point is, before joining a table, always ensure you know the table limits to avoid inconveniencing other players because. If you don’t have enough money to bet at a land based casino, you can easily try your hand at online casinos such as Betat, Casumo among many others that have fair bet limits for all players.

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