All the benefits of outsourcing game art can be divided into several groups. The core group includes so-called standard outsourcing benefits.

Basically, they are inherent in any type of business and industry. This is effective project management, the central focus on the main areas of the company’s activities, therefore, the rapid development of business. Other benefits of outsourcing game art can help you get rid of many of the problems associated with game development. How to implement the idea of ​​creating a game with minimal costs? Where can you find the best experts in your field? How to attract, train, and retain qualified personnel?


All this is provided by the gaming art outsourcing service provider, as a result, business processes run continuously, and all planned projects are implemented and delivered to the end consumer. Let’s dive into outsourcing deeper and analyze all the advantages it offers today!

Benefits of Game Art Outsourcing

Some choose to set up their own game development studios, while others prefer to outsource projects. In short, outsourcing involves the delegation of some types of work to other developers who are not part of the delegating company. And in general, it seems that this is a simple and cost-effective way to implement the idea of creating a game. Find out more details about this type of cooperation in the modern world!

Outsourcing advantage # 1. Expert level in the game art and design

By outsourcing the game development, there is a better chance of completing the project due to their field-specific expertise. When you are more specialized in marketing, it is better to rely on those who know all the angles of game design, for example. As a rule, they focus their attention on a specific subject area, which allows them to ensure reliable and high-quality performance of the outsourced functions. Experienced designers know how to create an immersive environment and what characters should be in every single game. They can help you avoid common mistakes and implement proven effective solutions.

Outsourcing advantage # 2. Time-saving steps to success

Many people face poor planning or poor time management on their way to a successful product. At the same time, they have to waste a lot of time looking for effective solutions to a particular problem. By partnering with an external company, you will gain access to their extensive project management experience from A to Z. Their skills and experience with various projects can help you avoid pitfalls along the way and provide completely new and effective solutions to problems in a relatively short time (faster if you did it yourself).

Outsourcing advantage # 3. Cost-saving measures are possible

While the cost of hiring an outsourced team may seem higher at first glance, you should keep in mind all the possible overheads you will need to cover an office with an in-house team of all the experts needed to launch a game – from developers to marketing and sales departments.

Outsourcing services cover all these overhead costs and eliminate all problems associated with the work of a game development company, for example, in the USA or European countries. First, there is no need to spend money on recruiting and training. Your partner is responsible for these obligations. Then you take off the financial burden of software and hardware licenses, office space, hardware, social benefits and supplies. Ultimately, you reduce the costs associated with legal fees and taxes as they are paid by the service provider.

Conclusion – How to Choose an Outsourcing Company

We have prepared the key 3 advantages of cooperation with an outsourcing company in the gaming industry. Finding a reliable partner with a strong game development team can bring you even more benefits. And you have to choose which company to entrust all or some aspects of game development! So,

  • Study the list of top gamedev companies;
  • Highlight the most suitable ones;
  • Look into their website and
  • Study a game design portfolio;
  • Contact a company representative;
  • And make your final choice based on your own impressions about one or another company!


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