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Game of Thrones: What Role Will Arya Play in Season 7?


January 18, 2017

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Can Game of Thrones come back already? Ever since season six of the hit HBO show concluded several months back, fans have been looking forward to what is expected to be the penultimate season. Season seven is going to be a shorter season and will also debut later than normal, thanks to a delay in the filming schedule (All because Winter has arrived on the show). So with a longer wait, and fewer hours of Thrones than normal, fans cannot help but throw out any possible question in regards to the upcoming season.

One character, in particular, has drawn plenty of questions as we lead up to the Summer. Her name is Arya Stark. Unlike most characters, Arya’s story can go in quite a few directions. This leads fans to ask, what role will she play in Game of Thrones season seven?

Jon Snow and Sansa Stark now have control of the North, and they will likely be looking to expand their power. While doing so, they will likely have to fight off the impending arrival of the White Walkers and possibly Little Finger, who we all know will turn his back on them in an effort to gain power. Dany and her fleet of ships and dragons will be attempting to take King’s Landing and the Iron Throne. Meanwhile, Cersei will look to fend off these attempts while likely falling further into the title of the “Mad Queen”. But with all of these storylines, where will Arya fit in.

The first option, which I would say is one that will come down the road, but not until late this season or maybe even season eight, would see Arya joining back up with her siblings. With Jon and Sansa finally reuniting after many years apart, it is likely that we will eventually see all of the living Stark children together once again. But would it make sense to have Arya join up with the two in the North right off the bat? Most likely not, as Jon and Sansa have plenty on their plates at the moment.


So that brings us back to the end of last season. The last time we saw Arya, we got to see a different side of the young Stark, in one of the best scenes in the history of the show. Using her training from her time with the Faceless Men, Arya posed as a servant for Walder Frey, who is the man who was behind the Red Wedding (also known as the time when Arya’s mother and brother were murdered). She served him dinner, only to reveal that his sons were cut up and placed in the food after he had a bite, followed by Arya slitting his throat.

Despite his death, there are reports (one right here) that the actor who plays Frey, David Bradley, will be showing up in season seven. Now there is simply no way they reverse a slit throat for a character who has served his purpose. So this lends credence to the theory that Arya will continue on her mission to cross names off her kill list. Given there are still plenty of names left on her list, this would make the most sense, as it could easily lead into her meeting up with Jon and Sansa.

Arya will likely open the season pretending to be Walder Frey so she can cut down the rest of the Frey family. She will then likely head off on a mission for King’s Landing, as some of her biggest targets are there (more on that shortly). Along the way she can cut down some of the names who fans will ask “who is that again?”. But she will also come across a few familiar names as well.

Both Melisandre and the Hound are still breathing and both happen to be on Arya’s list. Given neither character seems to fit into the end-game for the show and their current storylines have pretty much run their course, it would make sense to have Arya get her revenge on the two before arriving at Kings Landing. In the case of the Hound however, there could be a twist.

Arya and the Hound have shared a complicated relationship during the shows run. I could see Arya sparing his life in exchange for him agreeing to take down his brother, the Mountain, who happens to be in Kings Landing and also on the list. This could lead to the much awaited Clegane-Bowl that fans have been looking for. This battle would likely end with the death of one man, my guess the Hound, leaving Arya to take down the Mountain.

That would lead Arya to her final name, which also happens to be the biggest: Cersei Lannister. Before Arya gets a chance to get to the Queen, Jon and Sansa would arrive on the scene, likely with Dany and her crew. This would allow for the Stark family reunion to finally take place (Bran may or may not be in the mix at this point) at the conclusion of season seven of Game of Thrones.

As for what I think happens next in regards to Cersei, you will have to check back in later this week. But in regards to Arya and her role in season seven, checking off names is likely in the cards. She showed how ruthless she could be at the end of last year and it would be a waste to not continue down that path of character development.

So what do you think Arya will be up to in season seven of Game of Thrones? Tell us in the comments! And do not forget to check back in later this week to find out what I expect to happen with Cersei and the Lannisters this year!

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One thought on “Game of Thrones: What Role Will Arya Play in Season 7?

  1. This is a very good theory but there aren’t many spoilers that can back it up.

    Possible spoilers alert

    There were set photos with Arya in Northern clothes bit.ly/2jso2CZ on the Winterfell set. It seems like she ends up there relatively early this season (probably after a reunion with Melisandre bit.ly/2iWOlTq and a dramatic scene where she has to choose between her family and her vengance). We’re going to have political tension, intrigues and a possible conflict between the two Stark sisters in Winterfell this season. The political game of thrones is coming to an end. Bran may be reunited with his sisters in Winterfell bit.ly/2k7yZNw. Littlefinger could try to manipulate him as well or to use his presence to manipulate Sansa. He will probably reveal the truth about Jon’s father this season but he might no be able to talk to Jon until the season 8. The last season will probably be focused on the war for the Greater Good, so Littlefinger might go down this year (hopefully killed or sentenced to death by Sansa, since he fucked up her whole life). Jon goes south with Davos. bit.ly/2k7xTRS He may have some dragon bonding time. bit.ly/2k4wms1 Then (and this part sounds like a crazy fanfic, but it’s seems to be 100% legit) Jon sails north of the wall ind.pn/2jiZnk6 bit.ly/2iX1vQp with a super bad ass squad of fan favorites (including Jorah and Gendry). goo.gl/5uVOhR Apparently the Hound has already joined the Brotherhood and he travels north with them. If the rumors are true, he’d have to get over his fear of fire to survive his adventures with Jon’s team on their suicidal mission.
    Possible Sandor/Gregor reunion but no Cleganebowl as far as I know. Both were there for the Dragonpit bit.ly/2iFTfFJ scene with the rest of the suicide squad. bit.ly/2iF8UoT It seems like Brienne bit.ly/2iWvcAR and Pod bit.ly/2jPr4RP will also go south for the final episode…and probably back north with Team Jon and Team Dany if they survive this meeting. You never know with Cersei. We’ll see a sea battle, some insane dragon stuff and at least two other big action scenes. Awkward Brienne/Sandor reunion. Possible Gendry/Arya and Brienne/Jaime reunions by the end of the season. Possible Jaime/Cersei break up and some Jaime/Euron tension.
    I don’t like Arya’s story arc. I’m not too excited about her scenes with Sansa. I was hoping for a Jon/Arya reunion and more internal struggles but so far there are no indications for this. I don’t think being ruthless is a path of character development. I’m a bit a worried that they will just gloss over her vengeance/going back home dilemma. Her season 6 arc was a bit slow paced as well. Maisie and Sophie have not been spotted on any of the outdoors filming locations. There was no sight of them in Seville during the big King’s Landing Dragonpit meeting scene. It sounds like Sansa is once again sending Brienne as her representative. Or maybe she’s trying to get rid of her sworn sword in order to achieve something else in the final episode. She might take a risk and try to play Littlefinger in some way. I could see her winning his trust and switching sides in the last minute plot twist, exposing him for everything he has done in front of everyone, just like he did with her father. But her plan will probably backfire. Brienne’s absence will certainly raise the tension plotwise. That’d be cool. It’ll be a very action packed season.

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