It doesn’t seem to be a lot shocking when studies reveal that 70-80% of individuals tend to experience back pain at some point of time during their life. Sometimes it’s temporary while a lot of times it ends up being a part of the lifestyle and literally drying out the life. Having back pain ends up making even the simplest tasks unimaginably difficult and if you are suffering from the same, you would have a clear idea of what it is all about.

While, there can be a lot of causes that end up resulting in an aching back, popping a pill every time doesn’t seem to be a wise choice as these pills bring along a number of side effects. The proper way to cure the back pain is the change in lifestyle and you will be shocked to see the back pain leaving your body if you follow the following points on a regular basis:

Maintain a good posture

If you are someone who has a habit of sitting and walking with a bent spine, you shouldn’t really be looking out for reasons of your back pain. A correct posture is extremely important in order to keep the body free from stress and hence avoiding the back pain. This is exactly why health experts recommend sitting with an erected spine and with a seat cushion for office chair, and walking without bending the same, so that you don’t end up crying due to back pain.

Take breaks from work and walk around

The continuous sitting hours can also result in back pain as the body, tends to get fatigued because of monotonous sitting. You should take regular breaks from your work to walk around a bit so that body can replenish the energy and the strain on the spine and backbone can get relieved.

Lift properly

Improper lifting techniques are yet another reason for an aching back because of the exposure to stress on the backbone. If possible, avoid lifting too heavy objects and always follow a suitable methodology while lifting so that you don’t have to suffer from a backache.

DO NOT skip the exercise

A regular exercise is an utmost requirement in order to ensure a healthy back so you should inevitably take out sufficient time from your schedule for exercise. However, you don’t really have to do a heavy workout as just by practicing proper yoga you can save yourself from any kind of back pain. It is utterly important to keep in mind that while practicing exercises, you need to make very sure that you are following the correct way as wrongly done exercise can make your condition even worse.

Quit the cigarette right now

You shouldn’t think about getting relief from back pain if you’re having a lit cigarette between your fingers. Studies have shown that smoking leads to body aches and tiredness along with upsetting the metabolism of the body. So it becomes pretty much clear that you need to get rid of the habit of smoking if you’re looking forward to get rid of your back pain. There are a lot of effective methods to quit smoking that can be helpful to let you get rid of the same, so that you can finally concentrate on your aching back.

Lose some kilograms

According to surveys, overweight persons tend to experience backache more often than those who have a healthy body weight. This is due to the extra stress on the backbone that leads to pain and if not taken care of, this pain tends to become more severe with time. Hence, it is wise to lose some extra body weight and maintain a body that is fit and healthy.

Maintain a healthy diet plan

The deficiency of vital vitamins and minerals is yet another cause of the increasing problems of back pain. You need to have a balanced diet in order to ensure that the body is getting all the required ingredients in order to function properly and smoothly. Add some fresh fruits and green vegetables in your regular diet so that you don’t have to rely on supplements for the supply of vital nutrients.

Ensure quality sleep

Having quality sleep is as important as a quality diet because a sound sleep ensures the proper relaxation of body and well as the mind. Doctors recommend a proper sleeping time along with a proper way to sleep in order to prevent unwanted back pain. The choice of pillow, mattress and the type of bed also determines the quality of sleep that you are going to have. There are around 20 beds of different kinds available in the market that you can choose from accordingly.


Considering the fact that back pain is a potential danger to the body, you can take help of the above points to get rid of it without having to go for any pills or surgery.

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