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Health and Fitness: How To Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle

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By Evie Dawson

You know it! You believe It! You seldom practice it! Yes, that’s the irony with healthy lifestyle.

We know that our lifestyle is responsible for our deteriorating health, but we do not do much about it. It is these habits that make our health good or bad. It should be regular and not a 3-month resolution or a goal inspired by a Facebook friend.


A healthy lifestyle should comprise of the following:

Watch Your Weight: This is a measure of a healthy you. You should aspire to keep it stable. Minor fluctuations are acceptable, but not drastic. Putting on too much weight can put additional pressure on your knees, make them go weak and start losing cartilage.

It can also affect your spine apart from causing respiratory and cardiac issues. Losing too much weight can though be a sign of some serious illness but if you are doing it deliberately, it can cause problems like hair loss, gallstones, headache, dehydration and more.

Hygiene: Sounds cliched, but cannot be ignored when it comes to remaining healthy. A healthy lifestyle cannot be imagined without considering hygiene. To remain healthy, one must maintain hygiene of one’s own body and of the surroundings.

Bathe every day and wear clean, freshly washed clothes. It is extremely important to use just the right kind of skin care products so as to maintain just the right balance between being healthy and not overdoing it. A lot of products have made their way into the stores, but you must choose them wisely.

An antibacterial bar soap sans any triclosan is a good choice.

Eat Healthy: You all know it, but reminding once again won’t harm you.

So here it goes… binge eating, eating junk and eating at random times can make all your efforts of remaining healthy go in vain. This is the one thing connected to your weight too. Eating too much and eating too less both can affect your health badly. Raw veggies, fruits, fresh fruit drinks, smoothies, salads all are good for your health. Eat at home, there is no other way to keep your gastronomy functioning at its optimum better than this.

Sleep Well: We should not undermine the power of sleeping well and with that I don’t mean a comfortable bed. Of course, a comfortable bed is part of the basic requirements you need to sleep well, but one must sleep a minimum of 7-8 hours to keep yourself free from feeling jarred and exhausted.

Not only this is good for our skin, but for the overall health too.

Sleeping helps the growth hormones function well and maintain the softness and suppleness of the skin. It is the time when the rejuvenation and the revival process works at its best.

Exercise: Some amount of physical activity carried out every day helps you and your heart stay at the top of the game. There are scientific evidences that support the importance of exercise in combating stress and uplifting mood. With an improved blood circulation, you can keep your heart healthy and working at its best. It helps you sleep better too.

The Bottom Line: Everything stated above is co-related. If you falter in one, it will affect the other. For remaining healthy you must inculcate all. Leaving one out may jeopardise the whole exercise.

Author Bio: Evie Dawson is a fitness coach and health writer based in Boston, MA. Her passion is to encourage others to rediscover their lifestyle and get inspired for organic living.

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