If you have good health, your 40s can be the best time of your life! You most likely have a good career and a family, but you also are enriched with that certain level of wisdom that only comes with age. If growing old like that sounds like a dream, you have to pay attention to your health now! Luckily, if you know what the common health issues are for men in their 40s, you’ll know how to prevent them.


As you reach your middle age, you’re increasing the risk of getting skin cancer, because the damage the sun makes to our bodies is cumulative. So, make sure to invest in some quality sunscreen today and you won’t need to worry about melanoma when you hit 40. Also, make sure to do regular skin inspections in the mirror and report any changed to your dermatologist (growths, discoloration).

High cholesterol

The dangers of high cholesterol are a well-known fact—it can cause serious health issues like stroke and heart attack. However, what not so many people know is that even if you avoid cholesterol in your diet, you can still have elevated levels of it. Luckily, prevention is the key, so check your blood regularly and adjust your diet and medication to bring your cholesterol under control.

High blood pressure

This is a common health issue with men in their 40s. According to medical journals, you officially have hypertension if your blood pressure reads 140/90 or higher. While it can be triggered by many things, hypertension might be the result of your arteries getting stiffer with time. Other factors to keep in mind are obesity, smoking, and a salty diet. But, if you practice clean eating, work out regularly and ditch smoking, you will ensure better artery health and lower your blood pressure.


After you turn 45, your risk of getting a stroke doubles and it will continue to double with every passing decade. This means that there’s no better time than now to pay attention to your blood pressure, hazardous habits and an inactive lifestyle. Luckily, you don’t have to turn your life around completely. Ditching cigarettes, getting some physical activity three times a week and eating a bit better can all help lower your risk of stroke.


Just as your muscles become weaker with age, your vision also deteriorates, even as early as in your 40s. Eye conditions like cataracts are very common, so don’t think you’re safe. As a matter of fact, 1.5 million Australians over the age of 50 suffered from untreated cataract in Australia. That’s almost one-third of the population that falls under that age group! While your cataracts might be genetic, you can also try to prevent cataracts with a healthy diet, sun protection, and cigarette control. Luckily, cataracts can also be corrected with surgery in many cases. If you’re interested in collecting early information, do yourself a favor and check this Sydney eye clinic that offers blade-free eye laser surgery effecting on cataracts. Ask for as many information as you can and you’ll not only learn about prevention but also about treatment.

Colon cancer

This is one of the most common health concerns in men of 40. Every year, almost 100,000 cases get diagnosed in the US alone! The best cure for colon cancer is early diagnosis which greatly improves the chances of pulling through. The mortality rate is still very high though, so make sure to have regular exams.

Prostate issues

Age is the primary cause of enlarged prostate. When you hit your 40, you can exhibit mild symptoms, but as your disease progresses, you might experience painful urination, frequent urination and blood in the urine. So, make sure to start booking your screenings early on to increase your chance of a healthy prostate deep into your old age.

Erectile dysfunction

While it can happen at any age, men over 40 are at most risk. The causes behind erectile dysfunction are age, stress, mental illness, injury and other conditions like clogged arteries. Luckily, problems with erection can be treated by changing your lifestyle, eating better and changing your medication.

If you keep an eye on these diseases today, you can expect to enjoy life to the fullest when you find yourself in your 40s instead of worrying about your health. Prevention is always better than cure!

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