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Health: How Yoga Fights Premature Ejaculation

By David Gomes

Before we go ahead with sharing all the important facts about yoga and its importance as a natural remedy to fight premature ejaculation, let us ask you this – Are you familiar with the term – Premature ejaculation?

If you are patient and let us explain it in a few sentences for those of you who have not heard about it before. Premature ejaculation is a very common condition among men, all around the world, characterized by an inability to delay ejaculation for more than one minute after penetration during the sexual intercourse.

There have been many researchers trying to find the specific reason behind Erectile Dysfunction but the fact is that there is not only one cause for this condition. Erectile Dysfunction can be caused by stress, erectile dysfunction, depression, anxiety, etc.

But enough about the cause, let’s find out how we can treat it!

There is a variety of natural remedies – e.g. changes in the diet and bad habits, exercising, herbal remedies and of course there are the well-known medications. But have you heard about the beneficial effects of yoga on our bodies? Did you know that you can use yoga to treat premature ejaculation?

If not, we will explain everything that you need to know in the following article!

How can you use yoga to fight premature ejaculation? As we mentioned before, premature ejaculation is commonly caused by anxiety and stress.

When your body is in a state of anxiety, and you are performing a sexual intercourse in this state, your body will release certain hormones which will stop your body from performing and as a result premature ejaculation will occur.

What you want is to reduce the stress. Yoga is one of the best ways to do that!

By mastering some of the most popular breathing exercises, you will learn to control your anxiety, reduce the stress and increase your sexual stamina! If it seems a bit unbelievable, there is an actual study to support this! A recently published study showed a significant increase in the sexual performance among men who performed yoga compared with men who did not.

What you need to remember before you proceed into performing yoga is to refer to a professional trainer! It is a very big step to make a research on your own, but everything that you find about needs to be consulted with a professional trainer afterward. We understand that you may feel confused, but there is no need to panic.

We wanted to make it easier for you and that is why we found some of the best yoga postures that you can do to fight premature ejaculation! Let us explain the most recommended yoga poses and the beneficial effects that are expected from their performing!

Sarvanga Asana (Shoulder stand) – is a great yoga posture that you could try because it affects the whole body! Practicing this posture will ensure your sexual vitality and reduce stress by reversing the blood flow and influencing it into all of the tissues and organs. The shoulder stand has been reported to increase the sexual desire not only for men but women also.

Kandasana (Upward ankle twist pose) – is one of the most efficient yoga poses when it comes to treating sexual problems. This pose is supposed to activate your muscles in the navel area, increase the flexibility of the lower body and reduce joint pain. Performing this pose will stimulate your sexual energy.

Halasana (Plow Pose) – is a pose that your abdominal organs will benefit greatly from! This pose will reduce the presence of stress, improve digestion, and stretch your shoulders! The great thing about this pose is that while it relaxes you by reducing stress, it also has a big energizing effect which means that it will increase your energy levels and help you to get rid of that feeling of tiredness!

Matsyasana (Fish pose) – is a pose which will stretch and strengthen a lot of your muscles – your upper back and back of the neck muscles, your abdominal and front of the neck muscles, and your intercostal muscles.

Eka Pada Rajakapotasana (Pigeon Pose) – is a pose which is believed, according to a traditional text, to increase and control the sexual desire, improve the reproductive system, and increase the body’s blood flow. By performing this pose, you will open the gluteus muscles, the hip flexor muscles and groin muscles.

Conclusion: Premature ejaculation has been reported to be one of the most common sexual problems among men which show that there is no shame in admitting that you have a problem and ask for help.

As we live in a busy world filled with everyday stress, it is no surprise that stress and anxiety have been reported to be among the most common causes of premature ejaculation. Luckily for those of you suffering from this condition, we have good news.

This condition is very easily treated.

You may choose to treat it with a natural remedy or a brand on the market offering their top male enhancement pills, e.g. Megadrox is male enhancement which is supposed to increase your sex drive, improve your testosterone levels and improve your metabolism among the other beneficial effects.

However, the point of our article was to show the importance of yoga as a natural remedy in the fight against premature ejaculation! Practicing yoga for the benefit of treating your premature ejaculation can also have many other beneficial effects on your life. Do not hesitate to ask for help today and start a better life without a trace of premature ejaculation with the help from yoga.

Forget everything about stress, anxiety and learn to leave a better, healthier life!

Author Bio: David Gomes completed his M.S Professional degree in California Institute of Technology. He lives in Oakland, California. He loves to write on a variety of topics such as joint health, weight loss, beauty and skin care for blogs and on-line publication sites. He also loves latest technology, gadgets. You can connect with him on Google+ and Twitter.

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