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Andy Murray captures Wimbledon #2

This Sunday morning at 9 am on ESPN, Andy Murray, second ranking in the world, will be going for his second Wimbledon win in three years. He last one this tournament that is across the pond back in 2013 when he defeated Novak Djokovic by the score of 6-4, 7-5, 6-4.

Across from him on the court will be a someone who has never been in the finals in any of the major tennis tournaments. Milos Raonic, seventh in ranking in the world, will be making his first appearance in any final. He got to this point by providing a major upset in the 2016 Wimbledon tournament for the men, when he defeated Roger Federer by the score of 6-3, 6-7, 4-6, 7-5, 6-3. On Sportscenter, they said going into this semi-final match that Roger Federer was 10-0 going into his match.

“Two years ago I bottled up all the difficulties I had on a court and never got it out,” Raonic said. “Today I found a way to keep plugging away, keep myself in the match, then sort of turn it around. I was quite more vocal and a lot more positive on court.” This will be interesting to see if experience plays a factor in the match. This is basically the x-factor in this match is that does the experience of Andy Murray will be able to defeat someone who is having a ton of steam.

One thing we have seen in sports over the years, you see a surprise team make a magical run towards the championship. One sport where this  occurs in greatly is in the NCAA with March Madness. A term that has been associated to the surprise teams is they end up getting known as the “Cinderella” team.

Overall, I am very interested to see the outcome of this match-up between someone who has dominated tennis over the last few years and someone who is catching lighting in a bottle. Again, you can watch the two clash at the All England Club this Sunday at 9am.

UPDATE: Andy Murray ended up winning today and becoming a two-time Wimbledon champion. I guess experience trumps being new on to the finals scene. It will be interesting to see if Milos Raonic gets this far again or was this a one-time deal, I guess time will tell.

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