Although the bathroom might not be the most frequently occupied room in the home, it’s still just as important as any other. After all, you do use it every day, so it’s only natural that you want it to be both functional and visually appealing. So, if you think your bathroom could use an upgrade, and you want it to be modern and stylish, here are some of this year’s most popular bathroom design trends that might help you get inspired.

Spice it up with fixtures

The brass and gold faucets that used to be popular are coming back in their full glory. So, if you want to spice up your usual gray or white bathroom, these details are the way to go. Not to mention that gold and brass fixtures can make any bathroom look much more luxurious. Moreover, most of the newer models are also resistant to water stains and fingerprints, so they’d stay shiny for longer. All in all, they would look stunning in every bathroom no matter the overall style.

Think about the design

When talking about the design, freestanding baths are very popular nowadays. For instance, you could opt for one of the gorgeous designer baths and make it the centerpiece of your bathroom. They are very modern, and if you add in some Jacuzzi-like features, you can also boost the functionality of yours. Next, since preserving the environment is more important than ever before, there’s a rise in the popularity of water-saving fixtures, like dual-flush toilets and low-flow faucets.

Moreover, you can improve the design of your bathroom by introducing some plants as well. There are many that thrive in humid environments, and they can make your bathroom truly stand out. Finally, the monochrome design is still trendy, and it’ll probably stay so due to its simplicity. So, if you prefer keeping things simple, this year’s trends are perfect for you.

Make use of technology

If you want your bathroom to be modern, it goes without saying that it should be technologically advanced. Therefore, consider installing some speakers so you can listen to music while enjoying long bubble baths. Moreover, you can also add demisting pads for your bathroom mirror so you don’t have to wipe and smudge it after every bath or longer shower. It might seem like a small thing, but have no doubt that you’d notice and appreciate the difference. Speaking of mirrors, you can also opt for a smart mirror that doubles as a touchscreen and allows you to really take your bathroom to the next level.

Choose the best materials

The materials you choose can affect the style of your bathroom as well. For instance, sliding shower screens or bathroom panels can make your bathroom look fantastic and very elegant. Plus, they come in different styles and colors, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding those that suit your personal preferences.

The glass is another great choice. It’s easy to clean, looks very minimalistic, and it reflects light, which means that it would make your bathroom look brighter and larger than it is. You can also opt for wood, which would make your bathroom feel warmer. Plus, when paired with the above-mentioned plants, wood would add a more natural aspect to your bathroom’s appearance.

Light it up

Lighting can make a difference in any room, and your bathroom is not an exception. This year, interior designers are mostly focused on lighting schemes, which means that there’s a lot more focus on the vanity lighting. It is a great way to create a more soothing environment as well as add a dose of sophistication to the room. So, don’t hesitate to introduce a couple of sconces or smaller pendant lights. Or, if you want to go the extra mile, you can hang a gorgeous chandelier as well – what can be more glamorous and modern than that?

Opt for slimmer furniture

In order to make your bath or shower area larger, most modern bathrooms come with more compact furniture and storage solutions. This is also a great choice for generally smaller bathrooms, as it makes the room appear more spacious and brighter. For example, you can choose slimmer cabinets and combine them with a compact basin unit in order to get more storage space for all your hygiene products.

Your bathroom should be given just as much attention as any other room in your home. So, if you’d like to bring its appearance up to date, you should consider some of the listed ideas. By applying them, your bathroom is bound to look modern and stylish, and you’re guaranteed to enjoy every minute spent in it.

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