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How Can a Remote DBA Expert Change The Choice of Your Cloud Storage Software?

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By Sujain Thomas

So many times, we have heard people ask, “Which database is ideal for our small business?” the answer is not a simple one. It involves many factors. Most small businesses are currently struggling with database and information storage.

Some information is in MS Outlook, part of it is on LinkedIn or some other email campaign you never finished and parts of it is now in transition to MySQL database. So, which is the ONE software that can take over the responsibility of unifying all the data and taking care of it all?

A few things you need to know first

Before we give you an answer to this question, answer a few of our questions –

· What is your ultimate business data goal?

· Are you doing it for yourself or your client?

· If it is for another client, what do they exactly need?

· What are you going to achieve from this data experience?

You need to know the answers to these questions since most small businesses have a complex milieu of information including address books, employee details, payment details, vehicle information, campaigns, to-do lists and daily operations. Most online businesses also have the added headache of real-time inventory updating and contact management.

Make no compromises

Now, there are many companies, which will try to sell CRM as a solution. CRM is a contact relationship management software that can handle your contacts and take care of your business information. However, you need a robust database like a MySQL that will take care of all your business intelligence and operational information. Start looking at database management systems for all your data storage and security needs.

An entrepreneur rarely has the experience to manage an RDBMS. That is why you need the help of a remote DBA to take care of your business. Unless your company is making tons of money and you can afford a resident senior DBA, a remote DBA service like the kind from RemoteDBA.com is ideal for all small businesses.

Ask for the best services for the best prices

Always ensure that the majority of your business information is stored in a secure cloud. Your remote DBA should be able to provide your data 128-bit encryption along with multi-layer authorization. MySQL databases are always more secure as compared to the NoSQL databases. They protect against common hacking threats, Trojan Horses, and DNS injection attacks too. An experienced database management expert will be able to set up a firewall against brute force attacks as well.

Keeping your data in the cloud has the advantage of remote access. You will always be on top of the latest updates, irrespective of your physical location. You just need your mobile or laptop to securely log in to your MySQL server and check out the most recent changes to your database. Ask your remote DBA for the latest bit of update on remote cloud storage of data, before you pick a database for your company.

Author bio: Sujain Thomas is working as a DBA in his own businesses. She has worked on several projects with RemoteDBA.com and noted small businesses, to perfect the data storage and management. Her specialty is cloud storage and security.

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