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How Cannabis affects Dopamine?

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Dopamine is a neurotransmitter, which sends messages between nerve cells of the brain. It is also known as a chemical messenger. It is produced by the brain, which relays the signals. Dopamine plays an important role in nervous system functions such as pleasure, mood, motivation, and movement.

When the brain cells which produce dopamine die off, it creates a lot of problems. Parkinson’s disease and drug addiction are responsible for reducing dopamine in brain cells. To perform normally, Parkinson’s patients have to take drugs to increase their dopamine levels.

Short term effects on Dopamine

Since dopamine activates pleasure centers in the brain. Drugs like marijuana activate this pleasure sensation when consumed. This is the reason why these drugs are so addictive. It has been found out that, the short term cannabis use can increase dopamine in the brain. The cannabinoids present in the cannabis act on the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which suppresses GABA neurons temporarily.

These neurons produce dopamine when they are suppressed. That’s why, when ECS suppresses GABA inhibitors, the production of dopamine increases. A 2016 study by Bassong et al, has shown that in the short term, THC stimulated dopamine in the human brain more effectively. If you are interested in CBD products for better results then you can have a look at Weedeeliver.

Long term effects on Dopamine

In the long term, it has been found out that cannabis causes dopamine reduction. A 1998 study found that regular usage of weed for a long time, reduced dopamine levels in the brain’s prefrontal cortex. Many other studies have also found a link between long-term cannabis use and depression, anxiety, and schizophrenia. A recent study by Professor Howes in 2016, found out that long term exposure to THC produces complex effects on the dopamine system. The authors finally concluded that long-term exposure to marijuana will lead to mental health problems.


Cannabis has both positive and negative effects on the dopamine level. In the short term, it stimulates dopamine in the brain, and a person feels better when he vapes through a dab tool. But in the long term, a person is at greater risk of suffering from mental health problems. Highfarms one of the industries for cannabis.


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