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If you live in UK, USA or Australia and are a fan of leather jackets then you have most probably come across Sculpt. They are known for making some of the best jackets in the market. But with their recent international venture, their premium leather products are now being made available worldwide, and it’s about time the world got to know about the superior craftsmanship of Sculpt!

So, who are Sculpt?

Founded in Australia, Sculpt is known as the only premium full-grain leather jacket and dressmaker in the country. They stand out from their competition due to the superior quality of the leather they use and the highly experienced craftsmen who design and produce their products.

Sculpt uses a large range of leather including goat, sheep, lamb, cow, etc., sourced ethically from all around the world. They ensure that they only get the best quality leather and then turn them into pieces of fashion art. And while their range is truly premium, they also have some of the best prices in the market. These factors have made the brand achieve a much higher ranking than all other leather jacket makers in Australia.

Another important factor to note here is the huge range of leather products that Sculpt produces. Not only do you have a large range of men’s and women’s jackets of various shapes and designs, but they also produce eye-catching leather dresses, vests, trenchcoats, and more!

Where to buy Sculpt leather jackets?

Sculpt does not operate through any physical store. Their entire operation is online and they currently feature 4 different web stores each catering to Australia, United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Depending on where you’re situated you can order their products online, and don’t be worried as all of their products are available in each area.

While this does put buyers at a certain disadvantage as they are not able to try on the jackets before buying them, one should not be worried. Sculpt provides a high-level detail of the sizes of each jacket and with a simple tape measure, you will be able to tell which jacket will fit you right. And if you are a leather jacket aficionado, then you should have no problem at all in picking the right product.

Sculpt also ensures that they maintain premium shipping standards as their products are highly valuable. So, you don’t have to be worried about your jacket turning up damaged in any way. No matter where you are, shipping will be fast and all the necessary care will be provided for.

Sculpt customer management – one of the best ever

Sculpt has been known for creating a close-knit community of leather jacket lovers in Australia and now that they have expanded on a global scale you can expect the same. Their support team is always ready to address any query that you may have along with highly proactive customer services.

If you face any issue at all while buying from Sculpt simply reach out to them and they will get back to you pronto!

Another factor that resonates with the premium quality of this brand is their vast knowledge resource presented in the form of blogs. If you want to in-depth about leather jackets or their process and products, in particular, you should definitely visit their blog as it’s filled with all the necessary information.

If you are new to the world of premium leather jackets then you should know that they need a certain amount of care. Once again, visit their blog and you will find out all you need to know about this. They also have premium leather jacket care products in their store, so all your needs are taken care of!

Now is the best time to get yourself a premium leather jacket!

With Sculpt web stores servicing throughout the world you can finally get your hands on the high-quality leather jacket you have always wanted. Go through their vast collection of biker jackets, casual jackets, bomber jackets, and especially enigmatic women’s fashion line!

If you had been putting off the thought of buying a premium leather jacket due to the hefty price tags you’d be delighted to see that they have premium quality jackets on sale and provide a better price than most premium brands in the market.

So, go ahead and indulge yourself. Boost up your fashion quota and be the centre of your space. Sculpt leather jackets are here to ensure your fashion game stays forever on point!

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