RockstarRican is an American rapper best known for his popular single “Talk Too Much”.

The Richmond based rapper is enjoying an exciting early 2021, dropping not one but two singles before and during the year. If you were to paint a picture of someone whose hobby-turned-passion for hip hop music propelled him up the music charts towards stardom, you would have a portrait of RockstarRican.

Born in Virginia, Romique Thompson aka RockstarRican created a unique flow, meaningful lyrics, and a unique style that he says are influenced by iconic artists like Lil Baby and The Migos.

RockstarRican’s signature sound has garnered him attention and won him fans worldwide. He’s learned a thing or two from Lil Baby, who is known for combining hip hop, ambient, and lo-fi styles, and The Migos, known for merging hip hop and trap. But rather than simply mirroring the sounds of some of his idols, RockstarRican’s focused on developing a unique sound that is all his own.

“I’m heavily influenced by Lil Baby and The Migos,” says 25-year-old RockstarRican. “The Migos changed music for me, honestly. When I first heard ‘Handsome And Wealthy,’ my favorite genre instantly became that. The mixing and engineering, his wordplay, the energy the group brings, was all the right vibes.”

RockstarRican’s steady climb to the top hasn’t come without a struggle, but as he had gotten more and more involved in creating hip hop music with friends, he started recording every day to polish his craft and developed his own lyrical style. His song ‘Talk Too Much’ is one of his fastest growing songs with over 400k+ streams prior to his single “Like This” that was released a few months ago which is on the verge of passing 100,000 streams. It’s been quite the ride for the American rapper who first became transfixed by the genre because of fellow American rappers Lil Baby and The Migos.

“I‘ve taken many losses during the past years that I’m now beginning to perceive as blessings because I believe perception is everything,” says RockstarRican. “Learning from mistakes through trial-and-error is key, and I’m well aware that it needed to happen to mold me into the artist and the man I am today

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