LinkedIn is an American business and employment online service that works through mobile apps and websites. This platform was launched on May 5th, 2003. Since then it has grown in popularity. It’s used for qualified networking, and facilitates employers to post jobs and job searchers to post their resumes.

LinkedIn ads allow you to connect your product, brand, or service with the largest audience of influential, dynamic professionals globally. Yes, you heard that right. Globally. It helps your business reach a prevailing audience as these members have double the buying power compared to other average web browsers.

The campaign manager for LinkedIn has been improving. It now includes more and more updates to help marketers. Also, to improve targeting options, the LinkedIn ad platform changed to objective-based marketing, which means promoters can now path campaigns around evidently defined goals, like lead generation, awareness, or engagement.

With LinkedIn ads, you can also find different ad formats that help you to advertise on LinkedIn. See below for more:

Sponsored Content:

Sponsored content ads are fundamentally stimulated LinkedIn posts. You can find 3 types of formats for Sponsored Content ads that include video, carousel, and a single image. Also, you can run campaigns as Lead Gen forms and native news feed ads.

These can be a good option if your objectives include engagement.

Direct Sponsored Content:

The main difference between Sponsored content and Direct Sponsored Content is that Direct Sponsored Content posts are not published on your LinkedIn page. Yet, they look like a normal LinkedIn post. If you want to know what the benefit of Direct Sponsored Content is, then you should know that this method allows you to modify the ad to aim at a particular audience group.

Sponsored InMail:

Sponsored InMail ad format supplies targeted messages to inboxes of LinkedIn-member. Yes, unlike other social media platforms, you can reach your potential customer directly in their inbox.

As per LinkedIn, these advertisements are more effective at steering conversions than emails.  However, it’s good for you to know that LinkedIn members can decline to receive InMail ads.

LinkedIn Text Ads:

On the top banner and right rail on the desktop, you can see the LinkedIn text ads.  The text ads include a blurb, short headline, and tiny square image. These text ads are measured by PPC (Pay-Per-Click) or CPI (Cost-Per-Impression).

Dynamic Ads:

On the top and right rail of the desktop the LinkedIn Dynamic Ads appear similar to LinkedIn Text Ads, but with a significant change. Each ad can distinctively aim at its viewers with their profile pic and call them by name.  The formats of the Dynamic ad include job, follower, content, and company spotlight ads.


Now, you can reach the right customers by using targeting tools of LinkedIn ads for successful ad campaigns. Targeting the right audience is an initial element of running an effective advertising campaign. Once you obtain your targeting leads, and it can further lead to attaining higher conversion rates.


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