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I get asked a lot of questions about buy instagram likes every single day, but it always comes back down to the age-old question of “how to get more likes on Instagram”?! And fair enough.. who doesn’t want more engagement on their posts?

The problem is, is that we often overthink the simple things and try to complicate the process of getting more likes. So.. instead of doing that, I’ve saved you a ton of time by compiling 15 of my best tips and tricks for getting more likes on Instagram!

1. Share High-Quality Photos

This should be a no-brainer but people often overlook how important having high-quality photos is. If your photo is blurry, pixilated, or too dark, you’re not going to get many likes! The same thing goes for graphics – if you use too many different fonts or you try and squeeze a ton of text and images into one small square, it’s not going to go over well with your followers.

You don’t have to be a professional photographer or graphic designer to do this. Just focus on increasing your post quality, whether through upgrading your camera, sitting by a window for better lighting, or considering your composition more. It all plays a role in how to get more likes on Instagram!

2. Write Engaging Captions

While posting high-quality images is extremely important, it’s not entirely enough – your caption needs to be equally interesting, engaging, or value-packed. Avoid one-word or single-sentence captions and instead try to inspire and evoke emotion by telling a story, sharing a vulnerable statement, providing actionable tips, or evoking a feeling through humor, nostalgia or inspiration. The key here is to be relatable – when your audience can relate to your post, they are more likely to leave a like or comment.

Don’t be afraid to be you and share everything with your audience as this is a big factor that will help you get more likes on Instagram!

Remember: the “perfect caption” will be different for everyone so test out a few options on your feed and see which ones your audience responds to. When you find what works, keep doing that!

3. Use a Call to Action

Your audience can’t give you what you want if you don’t tell them what it is! Simply add a call to action at the end of your caption asking for alike! Chances are you’ll drastically increase your engagement simply by asking politely. Aren’t manners nice?

Don’t over-think this (or any of the other tips in this blog) just include a line at the end of your caption that says “like this post if you agree!” or “leave a like if you have experienced this before!”.. etc.

Tip: feel free to switch up your ask based on what you need at the moment. Maybe you tell them to click the link in your bio, leave a comment, or tag a friend instead.

4. Know Your Audience

You’ve heard me say this before and you’ll hear me say it again.. You need to get REALLY comfortable with who your target audience is. When you know exactly what they like (for example, travel photos, memes, or DIYs), uploading content that appeals to them becomes so easy and in turn, your likes will increase! Instagram is a simple platform. Pick a niche, attract an audience and give them what they want. From there you’ll easily get more likes and more followers.

5. Add a Geo Location to Every Post

When people ask me how to get more likes on Instagram one of the first things I do is check if they’re using geolocation on their posts. This is the small ‘location’ text you see above an image. When you use them, your post appears under that location (similar to how your image shows up in a hashtag) and it can significantly increase your reach and your likes!


You can add the location you are currently at, where you were when the photo was taken, or any other location of your choice. Get strategic about this – what locations would your target audience be interested in? Use those to reach more of the right people!

Remember: much like hashtags, photos posted in a location tag are shown in chronological order, so make sure you’re adding them at the same time you make your post!

6. Like and Comment every day

Wondering how to get more likes on Instagram? You have to give them! Instagram is not a one-way street. If you want to increase your engagement then you need to spend time engaging with others. When you show genuine interest in someone’s content by liking and commenting on their posts, not only does it show that you support them, but it also encourages the person to check out your feed and give a few likes back! Engaging with others on a daily basis also improves your standing in the algorithm because Instagram wants to see that you’re a real person and you use the platform as intended. If we just post and run all the time, you’ll find it hard to increase your likes and reach.

For best results I suggest spending 15 – 30 minutes a day engaging with people in your target audience by liking photos, leaving genuine comments on posts, and replying to stories. You can find people to engage with through hashtags, locations and even the explore page.

7. Use The Right Hashtags

Want to know how to get more likes on Instagram?? Use the RIGHT hashtags! This is so vital to not only increasing your likes but to your entire Instagram strategy. If you use the wrong hashtags, you’ll miss out on a huge amount of engagement and what you do get will likely be from bots, competitors, or accounts that aren’t part of your target audience.

To get more likes on Instagram make sure you’re using 30 targeted hashtags that describe your account or target audience on every single post. Also be sure to avoid using hashtags that are way too popular (1million+ posts) because your image will likely get buried in a matter of minutes. When you’ve selected the right tags you can significantly increase the engagement on your posts and traffic to your feed!

8. Encourage People to “Tag a Friend”

To get more likes on Instagram your posts need to be seen by more people! To easily increase the amount of traffic to your feed, use a simple call to action that encourages your audience to tag a friend on your latest post. You will have to provide some sort of value (education, entertainment, or emotion) for someone to want to tag a friend, but if you can accomplish that, people can’t help but share! This surge of traffic to your posts will surely increase your likes.

Tip: tailor your request to a specific user. For example, I might say “tag a friend who has their own business!” to increase my chances of attracting my target market to my feed.

 9. Use Instagram Stories Regular

As of January of this year, Instagram stories had 500 million daily active users worldwide which mean stories are too important to ignore! Using stories not only broadcasts your content to more of your audience but can also increase traffic to your recent posts and easily boost your likes!

This can be accomplished by simply sharing your latest post to your stories and encouraging your audience to check it out! Make sure you include the actual post, a swipe-up link, or @ mention yourself so they can get over to your feed as seamlessly as possible!

10. Shoutout Your Favorite Brand or Arrange an SFS

Loving a certain account lately? Let them know by shouting them out in your posts or stories (make sure you tag them in the caption and photo as well!) Anyone tagged in your content will receive a notification and at the very least they’ll likely come over to your feed and give you a few likes. In a best-case scenario, they actually re-share your content to their account! I’ve personally gotten the attention of many bigger brands this way, they’ve shared my content and I’ve gotten a surge of new likes and followers as a result!

Another way to get more likes on Instagram is by reaching out to accounts that have a similar target audience to yours and asking to arrange an SFS (shoutout for shoutout). That means that you’ll mention their account on your story/feed and they’ll do the same. This is an excellent opportunity for you to build a relationship with a brand you love while receiving valuable exposure to your account!

Tip: approach accounts that are of similar size to yours. Asking for an SFS from an account with 1 million followers while you only have 5,000 is not an equal exchange of value so they’re more likely to say no.

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