Do you want to buy soccer ball? Having confusion in selecting the best one for yourself? It happens, because when one look for a new ball, he/she notice that there is huge variation in prices of these balls respective of their design and quality.

Most of us always prefer to buy the cheapest ball that is available but this is not always considered as the best choice because you have to look at several factors before making any buying decision.

You don’t have to worry at all for the same, because we have gathered a lot of data related to various factors and prepared a full-fledged soccer balls guide that will help you to buy the best one for yourself.

Now we are going to discuss with you all some factors that you should look into it, and these factors will definitely clear out all of your doubt or confusion related to various variation of the soccer balls.

1. Indoor or Outdoor Ball

You have to decide first whether you want Indoor or Outdoor ball, because both of them made for the specific conditions, so make sure that the ball you are going to buy will suit your normal practice and playing condition.

2. Size Matters A lot

By and large, more youthful players require a size three, pre-adolescents require a size four, and youngsters and grown-ups require a size five. Nonetheless, this changes in various associations. It’s imperative for you to rehearse with an indistinguishable size from you will use in diversion play so you can become acclimated to the way the ball plays off your foot and the way it travels through the air.

3. Right Weight

The ball weight matters because a heavy ball can hurt your legs while kicking, so generally people prefer the ball with light weight for their convenience. Also, the ball with heavy weight loses their momentum very fast as compared to the light weight balls.

4. Quality of Material

If you are looking for the cheap rate balls then you should go for the rubber balls, as these balls are not only cheap but durable also. But remember that these balls never used in league play. Also, if you are doing practice with rubber ball then keep one thing in mind that the practice you are doing with it will all go in vain because this ball different texture and movement than the other balls.

On the other hand, Leather turn out to be too overwhelming for play. Thus, most associations utilize a modestly evaluated polyurethane ball, a manufactured material that is like elastic however more tough and water safe. Now the choice is yours, which type of material you want.

5. No. of Panel and Design of the Ball

For the most part, a ball with less panels will be more streamlined and speedier, while a ball with more panels will be more controllable and playable. The United States Major League Soccer as of now utilizes a 18 panel ball, and this is by all accounts the case in most other expert level alliances. The quantity of panels decides how the ball travels through the air and also how much control the players have. This can run from 32 boards for a unique sort ball to a 6 framed ball implied for indoor soccer.

6. Look for the Swen Ball

There are wide assortments of approaches to assemble a ball, yet none are as solid or simple to use as a ball with sewn together boards. Alternate balls are so unstable they are relatively expendable, so dependably pick a ball that has been sewn instead of stuck or generally reinforced.

7. Choose the Right Bladder for a Ball

To give the ball its shape and the movement, a thing called bladder is used for the same. It is the inside part of the ball. The balls which are cheaper in range are made up of Butyl Bladder and on the other hand the balls which are expensive are made up of Latex bladder. This latex bladder is preferable because it make the ball to lose the air very quickly as compare to the Butyl bladder, this bladder is considered as the best choice.


So these are some tips or the factors that one should understand before buying a soccer ball for himself. Always considered these factors in mind otherwise you will end up with buying ball which is not suitable to your needs.

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