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5 Predictions: Why 2018 Will Be The Future of Healthcare


July 13, 2018

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Changes in technology bring changes in healthcare. With so many big changes in store, it feels like we’re existing in a sci-fi reality. The future of healthcare is alive and well today, and it’s altering the industry for good.

With so many significant changes, what can you come to expect from modern healthcare? The future of healthcare is here now, and you’ve probably already seen new advancements in your own life. This guide will tackle 5 major predictions for the future of healthcare that you can expect to see soon if you haven’t already!

1. At-Home Medical Tests

The days of going to the doctor’s office for complicated, expensive medical testing are quickly becoming a thing of the past. As more patients look for ways to prevent common diseases and illnesses at home, there is a rise in at-home medical testing. Not only do these new tests offer a less intimidating way to stay on top of your health, but they also save patients hundreds in co-pay costs.

So what at-home medical tests have already hit the market? Oraquick is a popular HIV exam you can do in your own home. In just 20-40 minutes you can check for both HIV-1 and HIV-2 with a quick gum swab. Oraquick is only $40 for a kit, but it isn’t the only affordable alternative to traditional testing. Another swab exam is the Rapid Response Strep Test Kit which uses your throat cultures to test for strep throat at home. You can even check for the most common allergies with My Allergy Test, costing just over $50.

2. Digital Diagnosis

You’ve probably seen or heard an advertisement for one of the many digital tools that bring the doctors office to you. Most of these are seen in new apps which let you speak to a medical professional and receive the treatment you need in just a few clicks. With Doctor on Demand, you can chat with a doctor for only $40. These doctors are thoroughly qualified, and they’re able to prescribe a variety of medications through the app based on your described symptoms.

For specialized care, Nurx helps women get access to birth control in just a few simple steps. Women can speak with a doctor to find the best birth control for their situation, and there are great resources for preventing pregnancy and the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. These digital tools are changing the way people access healthcare professionals.

3. Rise in Mental Health Awareness

The stigma around visiting a therapist has reduced in recent years, and this is all thanks to progressive ideas about mental health. While celebrities around the globe are speaking out about their struggles with anxiety, depression, and other disorders, technology is introducing more ways to treat mental health problems.

One popular alternative to traditional therapy is Talkspace. This app allows users to speak to qualified mental health professionals through chat, phone calls, or video depending on their level of comfort. This trend towards alternatives in psychological health is a positive sign for the future wellbeing of our society.

4. Increased Health Insurance Options

While there is still a lot of confusion about health insurance as laws and regulations continue to shift in our political client, there are also more affordable healthcare options available. The healthcare marketplace is full of a variety of options whether you’re looking for an employer plan or an independent plan.

There are initiatives within the healthcare industry to be more transparent with costs. These educational steps are a great way to promote user understanding of how their plans work and what they’re paying for. The introduction of healthcare reform is good news for patients.

5. Personalization and Customization

Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all health care. Both health providers and patients realize there is a need for a new level of customization in healthcare. With more providers looking for ways to incorporate technology whether it’s through digital medical records or the use of apps, these changes make it easier for patients to take control of their health.

Technology like 3D printing is making it easier to receive affordable and customized solutions to complicated problems. 3D printing allows for more experimentation, as well as customized treatment plans in both complex and routine medical treatments. We can all agree this is good news for the future of medicine!

Looking Forward in Healthcare

The future of healthcare looks bright. 2018 has already seen many advancements in the way people receive treatment for a variety of medical conditions. Whether they’re speaking to a doctor through an app or finding a customized insurance plan that’s right for them, the rise of technology has led to unique solutions. Both patients and healthcare providers can be confident that the future of healthcare works for everyone.

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