Do you want to change your hairstyle? Use a hair extension like ombre hair extensions to increase the volume, length, and body instantly. However, it is not easy to filter and select the options that suit your style and budget because there are so many options available. Mhot Hair has a 15-year experienced in hair extensions manufacture; they claim on sourcing the best real REMY hair.

Mhot refined Remy human black hair extensions have undergone minimal processing, allowing the cuticles to flow completely in the same direction and can be worn for a long time. Mhot claims on using environmentally friendly ingredients and materials in the manufacturing process to ensure that the hair is healthy and strong.

Steps for dyeing the blonde hair extensions

Before you begin dyeing, double-check that your blonde extensions are true human hair. Artificial hair cannot be colored effectively, at least this way.

  1. Choose a Color, and Gather Your Supplies

Choose a color from a range of professional hair colors and developers.

Gather a few more supplies:

  • Hair color gloves
  • Color bowl and brush
  • Towel
  • Tinfoil
  • Wide-toothed comb
  • Plastic wrap
  • Apply the color

Before doing anything, make sure to run a strand test to see the color working. Wrong color handling will ruin the entire package. If you have not washed your brown balayage hair extensions for a while, please wash your hair with the extension solution to remove any buildup. Towel dry for an oxidizing towel (mix with 2 tubes), and then blow dry 100% to get a rustic hue such as crazy colors.

Spread the extended parts on a tray lined with foil, mix the colors, and then dip the dye brush with gloves. Follow the direction of the cuticle and start working from the top to the bottom of the texture. After applying the color, flip the part over and apply the other side. Make sure the hair is totally covered.

Hair dyes can break weft threads and cause breakage. After coloring, rinse the texture part well and let it dry. Wrap your hair in a headband and treat it. You can check the color every 10 minutes by selecting a bundle and cleaning it with a paper towel.

  • Rinse and Dry the Hair

After processing the color, rinse your hair thoroughly with warm water. You can apply it again at this stage, so please dry with a towel and check the color, reprocess if necessary. Finally, before using the extension module, let it dry completely (do not use a hairdryer).

Few DIY color hairstyles


Stylish enough to wear out or work, this look is pretty for a casual look, particularly if you want to dress up the T-shirt and jeans.


A cute look for both daylight and evening, even special occasions, this hairstyle is worth learning how to do.


This hairstyle is perhaps everyone’s most favorite. It is so chic and pretty, but it is super easy to do at the same time.


This hairstyle is ideal for special occasions that expect you to be a bit proper and prim. Lots of celebrity hairstyles retro bouffant these days tend to go toward the retro-chic look.

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  1. Dyeing hair extensions is the best way to get them to blend properly with your natural hair. Thanks for sharing this useful guide on choosing the right hair color and different hairstyles to try with blonde hair. 

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