Michael Matthews DRT Plaque Wall

Tell us who you are and a little bit about your company?

My name is Michael Matthews, and I am the founder of DigitalRadioTracker.com Inc. DigitalRadioTracker also known as DRT is a leading global internet radio monitoring company which tracks radio airplay of songs played on over 5000+ radio stations around the globe. These stations (major to independent) are comprised of an array of FM Terrestrial, Satellite and College as well as thousands of digital streaming radio stations.

Were you always in the music industry?

I have been in the music industry for 28 years. I started off as an artist manager. I did professional artist management for 25 years. During that time, I built a lot of relationships and decided to launch a marketing company called Dominion Global Marketing. After retiring from artist management, I focused on radio promotion for a while. As I saw technology changing the music industry, I went on to create the internet radio campaign taking the same model from Commercial FM promotion. A couple years later I was led to form the music monitoring company, DigitalRadioTracker.

What does DRT do?

DigitalRadioTracker.com Inc. has customized a technology that monitors radio airplay detections of songs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. The system’s unique database logs every song that is played on all radio stations that DRT monitors. A timestamp of the date, time and which version of the song is being played is recorded by DRT’s system. This data is compiled in our database and DRT Reports and Charts are generated.

What type of DRT reports are you offering to recording artist and record labels?

DRT offers 5 types of reports: A DRT Report provides information about a song that received airplay on a specific station. It displays the exact time of day/night a song is played and most importantly, the number of times its played. DRT also offers historical eight-week reports which list the history of airplay detections during the previous eight-weeks on all our monitored stations. In addition, DRT provides comprehensive reports which outlines the exact time of day/night a song is played on each of our monitored stations as well as any remix versions. Since the conception of music monitoring, no other company has provided this type of specialty information. Other broadcast monitoring companies usually merge all the information into one report making it impossible to determine which version of the song was played. Broadcast Raw Data Summary Logs and Broadcaster Comprehensive Reports are also available for anyone wanting to know the playlist data for a specific radio station.

How can DRT help the music industry?

DRT is utilized by artists, publicists, managers, promoters, radio station programmers, DJs, music industry executives and more! The global airplay data that DRT collects is extremely useful to artists and record labels because they can use the information to book shows and tours, set-up interviews, sell merchandise or promote their songs to other radio stations to secure more airplay. Artists and record labels can also use the airplay information to assist in collecting royalties on their music and increase their fan base. Or they can use the data to develop promotional strategies and learn which markets to further promote and market their music. Before now, there was no other monitoring source providing this level of analytics for new independent artists and record labels to be able to monetize their brand.

How much does your service cost?

It is FREE to sign up for a DRT Account and use our platform. DRT offers monitoring services to radio stations at an affordable rate starting at just $129 annually. As for DRT Reports the current cost ranges from $9.99 to $99.99 each.

Tell us about the DRT Certified Plaques and can anyone get them?

Our DRT Certified Plaques are some of the highest quality in the music industry. They are made using 100% Italian solid wood frame, superior quality printing on plexiglass and 3D raised inserts. DRT is the only company in the music industry to use Augmented Reality technology in our plaques. This feature allows you to scan your plaque with your phone or tablet and it will play the artist’s music video! To qualify, an artist must have a single charted on any of the official DRT Charts for a minimum of one week. This can be at any chart position from 2014 to present. We are excited that artists can have an accolade to display their success and enjoy a lifetime of memories with a DRT Certified Plaque!

What can we look forward to from DigitalRadioTracker?

As technology continues to expand with devices such as Amazon Echo and Google Home, DRT plans on monitoring more digital streaming stations on these devices. Internet Radio are being installed in millions of cars today and DRT will focus on monitoring more of these streaming stations. DRT’s goal is to be the first broadcast monitoring company to track specialty shows such as DJ mix-shows, ministries, talk shows and more!

How do we connect with you on social media?

You can follow DRT on Instagram/Facebook @DigitalRadioTracker and Twitter @DRTRadioTracker.

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