If you’re wondering how to care for your beard and moustache to attract women’s eyes and men’s jealousy, we have some proven tips for you.

1. nourish

And this is not about nourishing your beard alone, but about your nutrition. As with the whole human body, the beard needs a certain amount of nutrients to grow. Therefore, in order to provide it with the right amount of energy and optimal conditions for growth, you should take care of the right amount of protein in your diet, because 80% of your beard and moustache hair structure is built up by it. It won’t hurt to focus on the right amount of fibre, complex carbohydrates, unsaturated fats or vitamins, because they play a colossal role when it comes to the appearance and health of your beard.

2. Wash

Regular beard washing cleanses hair of food particles, fumes and foreign smells that accumulate in it throughout the day. Additionally, it prevents skin irritations and eczemas. If your shampoo with which you wash your beard has only natural ingredients and your beard is thick and easy to handle, you don’t have to bother with shampoo. If your beard is under load after washing, turns, does not fit properly, or you simply feel that it is not thoroughly cleansed – then it’s a good idea to use the right beard shampoo. Such a shampoo has a much lighter consistency, cleans the beard very thoroughly and makes it much better after washing.

3. Brushing

Brushing is one of the key things you can do for your beard. Not only does it allow your hair to be combed out thoroughly and, as a result, the beard to be styled better, but most importantly, it has a health-promoting effect. A decent beard brush made of natural wild boar bristles will get rid of dead epidermis that accumulates under the chin and speed up the production of sebum, which plays a key role in the appearance of the chin. In addition, regular combing of the beard improves its blood supply, thanks to which nutrients are transported to the beard faster and translate into faster growth of the beard. The same applies to the moustache.

4. Moisturize

Good quality beard oil can work really wonderful things and save you a lot of time and nerves. Some of the most recognizable beard oils on the market are those from the German company Beard and Shave. Thanks to it, your beard will stop itching when it grows.  Your woman won’t tell you that you are stabbing, and you shouldn’t cuddle up to her. And your moustache will stop smelling of yesterday’s dinner and will gain a beautiful, healthy shine.

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