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How to Save Money on Business Utility Bills

Reducing your business utility bills may not save you a fortune, but the little you save can help out with other expenses and bring you closer to your goals. Also, when you reduce your utility usage, you will be playing a big role in conserving the environment. However, many business owners never bother to evaluate their utility bills and see if anything can be done to bring the costs down. This is mostly because many are focused on their core business, and utilities will only come to attention when there is a disruption in supply. If you would like to save a little money on your utilities at the end of the month, consider the following tips.

Power Saving Bulbs and Energy Efficient Equipment

The first thing you should do is ensure you are using power saving bulbs and energy efficient equipment in the office. Replacing equipment may seem expensive in the short term, but once you have the right ones, you will enjoy long term cost saving benefits. You can identify what needs to be replaced, look around and get cost estimates, and then make a purchase plan based on your financial status.

Keep Everything That is Not in Use, Off

Whenever you are not using a machine, ensure it’s turned off. Most of the time power is wasted when you leave machines running when they are not in use. The same applies for bulbs. Don’t leave lights on during the day when you don’t need them. At night, ensure all the lights are off, except the security lights.

Check the Efficiency of Your Systems and Machinery

When a machine is not functioning optimally, it’s working harder and using more power. Therefore, you should regularly check for faults and have any damage repaired. By doing this, you will not only save power, but also prevent breakdowns and prolong the life of your machinery. In addition to faults, remember that dirt build up can affect efficiency too. Thus, consider both regular clean ups and maintenance.

Make Use of Natural Light

Natural light is free and it can save you money. Instead of keeping the lights on during the day, open up the blinds and get some natural light. If the office has enough windows, you won’t have to rely on electricity during the day.

Invest in Smart Tech

It’s so easy to forget to turn off the lights when you leave a room, especially when you are in a rush to go home. To avoid leaving the lights on the whole night, you can make use of smart tech that automatically turns the lights on when you enter a room and off when you leave a room. Smart tech can also be applied on your thermostat and even the sprinklers. With a smart thermostat, you can control temperatures from your phone, and it can also turn on and off automatically and also adjust cooling and heating.

Make Comparisons

One of the key mistakes business owners make is settling for the first utility provider who shows up on a search. This is not a good idea because the first supplier you locate, or the one you have used for years, may not be the one with the best deal. The best approach is to get quotes from a number of suppliers and carry out a business utilities comparison on a site like Utility Bidder. Compare both the price and the terms. Using a business utilities comparison site can save you time and give you access to numerous utilities providers.

Look Out for and Fix Leaks

The little drops that don’t seem like they are making a big impact can waste a lot of water in a day. Thus, once you locate a leak, have it fixed immediately by an expert. Actually, you should have a plumber over at the office to check on things at least once a year. Even when there are no leaks, have that regular check-up to identify and fix any issues before they become serious.

As you make changes, ensure that you educate your team members. Teach them to be responsible even when you are away from the office. If your business is on rental premises, don’t make any major changes without letting your landlord know. This can cause some issues and even termination of your lease. Also, before you make an investment such as installing smart tech, check to see if the investment is viable, especially if you don’t intend to stay on the premises for the long term. Finally, think about having an energy audit for your premises.

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