How to Train A Dog Not To Jump

A lot of dogs end up jumping on every person they meet. This is primarily why jumping is considered to be a very common canine behavior. It is a dog’s way to greet people through jumping which is why some of them do not get them trained. Nevertheless, if you take into account the opinions of humans, most of them do not like this dog behavior. For them, jumping is both annoying and dangerous. Clothes can get dirty and there are also chances that an individual might get hurt. Therefore, it is vital to train a dog not to jump.

Now let us understand why dogs like to jump. Continue reading this article further where we have explained everything about a dog’s jumping.

Why do dogs like to greet people through jumping?

According to a research done by vets, dogs like to greet people through jumping in the hope of getting rewards or treats. After all, dogs feel a lot happier when they receive rewards. Likely, other strangers, near and dear ones can also reinforce the same behavior. Even bad and hurtful reactions like scolding them, not listening to them can also reinforce all the behavior. Therefore, in order to teach your dog certain manners, it becomes mandatory to opt for training. Browse through the internet and seek trainers who have the expertise and skills on how to train your dog not to jump.

How to train your dog with a substitute for greeting?

If you take the jumping of your dog for granted, the situation may get much worse and it will eventually give rise to unwanted behavior and issues. So it is very important to work on their jumping. Because this habit is something that is not appreciated by people nor do they like to reward the dogs. However, if your dog is not meeting anyone outside and stays indoors most of the time, a little jumping will not do any harm. Therefore, how you want your dog to greet everyone is totally up to you. Whether you want them to shake hands or stay calm, the choice is all yours. For any other way of greeting, getting in touch with a dog trainer is never a wrong decision to make. As pet parents, you can either ask the trainer to teach your dog the paw technique or go for the “sit” command.

What is the paw technique?

If you want to opt for how to train dog not to jump on people, selecting the paw technique will work. This is where your dog will keep all the paws on the floor whenever anyone comes to meet them. What will happen is there will be treats kept on the floor for the dog. Once the dog will eat the treat, he/she will keep all the paws on the floor and greet people. The main motive of the paw technique is to stop your dog from unnecessary jumping. The below mentioned steps will be followed during the paw training session.

  • Have somebody meet your dog but make sure your pet is with the leash on.
  • Toss numerous treats on the floor before somebody meets the dog.
  • When the dog is eating treats kept on the floor, let the person meet and greet them.
  • Let the person stop greeting the dog before the dog is done eating the treats.
  • After numerous repetitions, make sure to perform the steps but every time you do so, extend the time for greeting again and again.
  • The moment your dog keeps all the four feet on the floor, ask them to greet the person. Remember not to keep treats before they greet.
  • Keep a check on your dog and see if he/she is understanding the rules.

This technique can be learned by the dogs very quickly. All you need to do is give them more and more treats. In the urge of having treats, they will learn good habits in no time.

Now let us discuss the “sit” command. This is where the dog has to sit whenever someone commands. How do you train your dog for the same is explained beneath.

How to train your dog for the “sit” command?

Another suitable behavior for dogs is the “sit” command. This technique is similar to the above with the only difference that your dog has to sit completely. The below mentioned steps are followed during the training.

  • Tie the leash of your dog to a table, door knob or any piece of furniture.
  • Maintain some distance from your dog and ask the dog to sit. If they respond to your command, go near them and give them treats.
  • If your dog gets up instantly after eating the treats, leave them and go away.
  • Once your dog understands the concept, they will know that sitting when someone comes to greet them is important. This way they will be appreciated by everyone, and the treats are also on the way.

Keep in mind that as much as your dog practices to sit, it also keeps them fit and fine. After all, there is no point if your dog is not fit and still learning the “sit” command.

How do you prevent jumping during the training session?

No matter which technique you are using to teach your dog to greet, it is essential to handle their behavior. If you do not keep an eye on them, there are chances that they may jump for no reason at all. For example, if there is someone at the door, you can either give your dog his/her favorite toy or ask them to go to their favorite place. It could be their mat or a crate. This way the one at the door is safe and secure. On the other hand, your dog is already enjoying his/her favorites.

Another technique you can follow is to tie the leash of your dog whenever someone is arriving at your place. If you leave the leash open, there are chances that they will jump on people. Chances are an unwanted accident may arise or the dog may hurt someone from their paws. In order to avoid such incidents, it is essential to tie the leash of your dog.

The third technique you can follow is to keep some treats and toys at the front door. Anytime someone is at the door and your dog comes running, give them a toy or some treats. Your dog will be busy with them and the guest can easily get inside your home. Things are this simple.

Training matters

It might not be very simple at the beginning to teach your dog not to jump. But with time and patience, your dog will learn and everyone around can stay stress free. So do not lose hope and work on your dog before it gets too late.

If you decide to hire a dog trainer, then the decision is apt too. Search the internet for reliable trainers and see which one is suitable for your dog. The internet is filled with so many options. Explore them and contact a dog trainer who is all skilled, experienced, trained, licensed, and certified. There is no point in contacting someone who only claims to work wonders for the dog. These are people who end up charging money but do not provide the desired outcomes. Hence, be a responsible pet parent and hire the training of a trusted dog trainer.

The Ending Thoughts

This is everything you need to know about jumping dog training. Now that you are aware of them, it is time to act responsibly. See which jumping technique works best for you. Take into account the selection of a trusted dog trainer and things will fall in the right place.

This is a procedure that may take time which is why we suggest not to worry about anything. Keep sufficient treats and toys at home. Give time to your dog in order to learn and practice all the commands, and techniques. Also, whatever the situation is, never be rude to your pet. There are people who end up beating the dogs in every situation. This way your dog will lose all the love he/she has for you. In addition to this, they won’t respond to any command or like to meet or spend time with you. Dogs are sensitive. Like humans they cannot speak. This is why as dog parents, it becomes your responsibility to treat them with all the love and respect. After all, dogs are kind hearted and love. They understand what people don’t. Also, the love you receive from them is never ending.

We hope this piece of information has served its purpose. To learn more about dog jumping training, now is the time to get started. Do yourself and speak to a dog trainer if you think that your dog is not behaving in a suitable manner. Even though you can work on them as dog parents, dog trainers are the right people to train the dog. They know the in and out of all the techniques and commands. Therefore, contacting them for every small and big detail will work wonders for you. 

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