Summer is usually the time when people gather in crowded places to enjoy and experience the culture. In the next few months, the top festivals would be held. But, with social distancing our new normal for now, that is not going to happen this year. Just like punters follow online jackpot games, people will have to participate in their favorite festivals online. Many event organizers have adapted to the new environment by planning for virtual events. This new approach has its advantages as there is no limit to the people that can attend such an event. Let’s look at some of the festivals that were held virtually.

Blue Ox Music Festival

Based in Eau Claire Wisconsin, this festival gathers bluegrass and Americana musicians. The event which is suitable for families did not have a live audience this year. Instead, fans followed the action live from YouTube on June 12th and 13th. Fans were entertained with performances from Sam Bush, Pert Sandstone, Charlie Parr, and Them Coulee Boys.

During the festival, the bluegrass band, based in Chicago, shared their experience training music.


June 19th is the date Americans celebrate the end of Slavery in the U.S. It is a festival celebrated countrywide. This year, Denver’s celebration included music festival, comedy, awards, and financial literacy sections which were streamed live. This celebration of African-American history was marked with rallying calls for this day to be recognized as a national holiday.

The Smithsonian Folklife Festival

This summertime event held in D.C. also had to alter its plans due to the coronavirus. The festival, which is usually held in a National Mall, was held online this year. Participants had to follow the daily proceedings on Facebook and YouTube. The theme was “the role of culture in addressing today’s global challenges.”

What was perceived as a challenge became a success as participants harnessed social media’s power to have conversations they wouldn’t have in the hall. The event seeks to reveal how artists and communities use expressive culture to tackle racial justice issues.

We Are One –Global Film Festival

This event treated cinema enthusiasts to a 10-day film festival streamed for free. The festival was co-curated by over 20 world film festivals. All the revenue from the festival were donated to Covid-19 relief funds.

The event was produced by Tribeca Enterprises to raise funds to benefit the WHO Covid-19 Solidarity Response Fund and was broadcasted on YouTube between May 29th and June 7th. Participants were entertained with short films, music, documentaries, movies, and virtual round tables.

NYC Dance Week Virtual Fest

Dance lovers were treated to 10 days of free dance classes by New York-based dance studios. The event was open to all, and partakers were taken through ballet, yoga, jazz, hip-hop, and other fitness classes.

The event was held between June 11th and 20th at various studios. People who dreamed of taking a professional class got a ten-day treat for free. Furthermore, the online platform meant that many participants could take part in the classes.


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