Thermomix lovers know just how simple it is to cook when you have that machine in your kitchen. You are able to keep everything you need in just one place and it also helps you come up with a meal plan for the entire family.

However, there are many tips and tricks that can make the Thermomix experience even better. You can check to know some of them. Today, we are here to share some of them, and we hope that this article will make things even easier for you in the kitchen

Clean milling

Before you put the measuring cup, there is one thing that you can do. Try to place a paper towel over the top, and insert the measuring cup over that piece of paper. This way you will manage to prevent dust and you won’t have to clean afterwards.

Don’t peel everything

If you want to make a fruit puree you shouldn’t try to peel the fruits. Many people worry about that, but the truth is that not peeling or coring the fruit can have numerous benefits. For example, your puree will end up having more nutrients and you will also have more fruit available. Additionally, the taste will be the same.

Don’t wash everything

You don’t have to wash the bowl every time you switch the dishes. In fact, there are certain recipes that go well together. For example, steaming rice after making a curry can be a great way to add some flavor to your food.

Make a plan

There are numerous thermomix recipes available, so it shouldn’t not be hard to make a list with those that you prefer. Then, organize an entire week and choose the meals for each day. This way it will be way easier for you when you go shopping, because you can use ThermoHub in order to generate shopping lists based on your meal plans.

Prepare the ingredients

If you already came up with a plan for the rest of the week, you can also start preparing for certain meals. For example, if you have a favorite dish, or one that you prepare very often, or on a daily basis, you can store all the ingredients that you need. This time, when you are ready to cook, so you will have them at hand.

Softening your butter

If you want to soften your butter, but do not want it to melt, we have the right solution for you. Start by boiling some water. Then, carefully pour the water in a glass. Wait for a minute or two, until the water manages to heat the glass. Then, empty the glass and place it upside down over your butter. Your butter should get soft in just a few minutes.

Keep herbs fresh

Sometimes you might buy more herbs than you need, and in that situation you have to find a way to keep them fresh so you can use them again in the future. The best way to do that is by keeping them in a jar of water.


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