Whether you are lazy, athletic, or simply lover of sports and fitness, it’s good to have your own fitness training program tailored to your needs.

What is the best exercise?

 We start from the assumption that there is no better exercise but there is the best exercise for each individual. Personalized training according to their conformation is of vital importance for planning fitness programs. Usually, this approach is aimed at athletes, whose main goal is to bring their performance at high levels. But this theory can also be referred to people who are fit for fitness for body well-being.

Those people who need to lose some weight or those whose physician has prescribed a slight physical activity, following a regular diet. Even young people who are in the age of development are advised to start practicing mild sports and above all to guide them to their own propensity, without excess. These can also be treated as workout plans for women who are in search of dedicated fitness routine.

Muscular Fatigue

If you experience a lot of exercise in the gym with exercises that need a lot of physical strength or a constant workout, what you risk is a workout overload that is not used to such exercises. In this case, prior to intensifying at all costs muscle mass would be a priority to try to increase the elasticity of all the muscles or at least increase the flexibility of some to allow for more articulation. It is very important to evaluate the ability of a muscle to stretch to understand which exercise can bestow the benefit with the least risk. Every good trainer needs to take care of his clients not only by giving them the ability to increase muscles or reduce body fat by any available means.

Flexibility Test

Flexibility tests should be applied to all muscle regions and especially where it is reduced, special care must be taken to increase and limit the Range of Motion (ROM) at the point where the muscle can not stretch, compensating for pulling Its continuity embroidered throughout its chain of belonging. Choosing the best exercise for each individual is not easy, especially if some people have very marked postural problems. This does not mean that if an individual is free from muscular tension or postural problems he or she can not practice a sport with high loads without this serious on the back or other parts at risk.

Prepare a custom workout plan

The plan is designed not only for the test results, but also for the motivations, goals and all the information learned during a psychological interview with the athlete. It is crucial to consider both aspects to get the best result for the athlete. Furthermore, the plan is also based on the availability of the athlete and the work/personal commitments.

The test will be divided into several stages that can be divided into weeks of specific, incremental and cyclical work. The processing of the test is mainly through the study of the aerobic and anaerobic threshold frequencies and the resulting watts at the threshold resulting from the test result.

Based on the results, the different levels of training will be identified:


Slow Fund: Training with a suitable frequency during heating, defrosting and recovery between method exercises.

Long Fund: Training to accustom the body to work under fat burning conditions used mainly at the beginning of the season to build a solid foundation of resistance.

Medium Fund: Range should be 80-85% of the maximum heart rate. This workout is very useful for the development of aerobic strength and is very useful in improving the maximum oxygen consumption.

Fast Fund: Workout to improve aerobic strength, with intensity close to the anaerobic threshold. Increases aerobic power and partly also latent capacity.

Threshold: Work almost to the limit of their own cardiac capacity to improve the central qualities of the cardio-circulatory system. This type of training goes to stimulate lattice capacity ie the habit to stay at a good level of performance even with a very high lactic acid accumulation.

Once these training ranges are detected, the program will take several stages of development and can last about four weeks.

Many fitness professionals define personalized workouts where more than one person has the same workout with the same workloads in percentages, with recovery times and weekly frequencies practically identical without meeting the subjective athlete’s physiology. But the reality is that the strictly scientific plans are different from each other. Weight training planning must abide by muscle physiology in order to achieve maximum growth results. One can also search personal training online to better understand the exercises under guidance of an expert.

The choice of exercises

The choice of exercises must first respect the flexibility and the muscular restraints of each individual subject. So the muscle composition has a different pattern in the various body segments in terms of fiber types, and this affects the different load and the different working times from one muscle group to the other. In each muscle, the fiber composition is mixed, that is, it consists of red fibers, white and intermediate fibers.

Once again, the password in fitness is “customization”. Plan and comply with training programs with a scientific criterion and subjectivity of each person.

Trainings and Best Exercise To Lose Weight

Running Run to Slim:- Running is a great way to dispose of calories and to keep muscle tone active. Experts have calculated that for each kilometer of travel average calories per kilogram of body weight are lost. A 55 kg woman, therefore, every kilometer will have lost 55 calories. To lose weight, it is necessary to activate aerobic metabolism, and therefore to perform exercises of more than 20 minutes, with a constant running intensity. If you are not jogging and you prefer to move home, you can set up a common treadmill exercise program to lose weight: the effect will be the same. Another advice is to have a heart rate monitor to keep your biorhythms under control during exercise.

Bicycle Training:- The bike is another loyal ally in fighting the pounds too. As well as improving posture and boosting all muscle, a low-intensity regular exercise like low-speed exercise is able to progressively reduce cholesterol, triglycerides and the volume of the obesity. A half-hour at the bicycle’s day, or cyclists, is a great workout for weight loss and toning.

Weight training:- In the gym or comfortably in the living room, you perform daily weight exercises. Raising higher flow weights for up to twenty minutes a day is an effective way to burn immediate-body sugars. A kind of premise is mandatory for an intensive weight training to be performed immediately afterwards: in other words to complete a circuit training to lose weight.

Cardio Workout:- After work with weights or after exercising with free body, you have to burn excess fat. You need at least 10 minutes of workouts to get the best results, but progressively you will have to try to get up to 20. What do you have to do? Alternate and vary the disciplines and movements implemented, so that the training is varied and appealing. For example, you can alternate between 5 minutes of uphill walking, 5 minutes of light travel, or 5 minutes of cycling and 5 others of cyncro.

Rope training:- Do you know that one minute jump with the rope equals two walking distance? Using the rope, in short, is a good workout to lose weight quickly and without too much sacrifices. A 3-exercise circuit with the rope to be repeated altogether 5 times, for a total of 15 minutes, up to 3 times a week, is the best way to lose weight and at the same time strengthen the muscles of the legs, abdominal and buttocks. But what exercises do you do? Five minutes of heating, another 5 of full twister, and finally 5 on the run. It will take awhile to get impatient, but once the rhythm has been acquired, the results will be evident.

Zumba training:- To put the pounds of zumba too much is a practice that is becoming more and more popular in Italy, and it allows you to lose weight by having fun and dancing, in an absolutely no boring way. In a single zumba session, a kind of Latin American dance is very lively, you may even lose 1,000 calories with the smile on your lips. The very nature of this dance is also particularly suitable for making toned and sour muscles in the legs and buttocks. Run (which is also useful) to look for the zumba school closest to your home.

Gyrotonic Exercise:- Gyrotonics is a great way to give your body the flexibility and stamina it needs. It is meant to keep you in shape and work on different parts of your body without feeling like a workout or burden. You can simply shop gyrotonic equipment for sale on different online destinations or your nearby store.

All in all, these full body workouts will help you make the most of your fitness and give your body the treat it needs. Follow these and you will notice difference from the very first month.

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